Software Takes Command by Lev Manovich is licensed under a Creative. Commons Software, or the Engine of Contemporary Societies. Title: Software Takes Command. Publisher: Bloomssbury Academic. Publication date: July 4, Length: , words. pages. 30 illustrations. In the conclusion to Software Takes Command, Manovich writes “any summary of a ,word book of theoretical arguments can’t cover all important points”.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He persuasively argues that softwarization has led to the formation of a new ‘metamedium’ in which what were previously separate media, and already existing and not-yet-invented media, become fused.

What electricity and combustion engine were to the early 20th century, software is to the early 21st century. Manovich’s work contributes as it unveils some of the invisible labour involved in media production hidden in the softwarization process, and deepens our understanding of the changing practices and aesthetics.

I will discuss their media theories and test them in view of the digital media developments in the subsequent decades. When you play a video game, explore an interactive installation in a museum, design a building, create special effects for a feature film, design a web site, use a mobile phone to read a movie review or to view the actual movie, and carry out thousands of other cultural activities, in practical terms, you are doing the same thing—using software.

This book will try to convince you that such an examination is very much worth your time. Liga Felta rated it really liked it Feb 28, Ssoftware Takes Command is a must for ,anovich practicing designers and media artists and scholars concerned with contemporary media.

Shruti rated it liked it Jul 21, By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Software has become our interface to the world, to others, to our memory and our imagination—a universal language through which the world speaks, and a universal engine on which the world runs.

How do their interfaces and tools shape the visual aesthetics of contemporary media and design? These software tools for creating, interacting with, and sharing media represent a particular subset of application software including web applications in general.


We want to be able to test how our model would behave in different conditions with different data, and the last thing we want to do is for computer to introduce some new properties into the model that we ourselves did not specify.

My view is, however, that such translations need to be broader and more ambitious in their scope. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The greatest value of Software Takes Command is that it helps frame the history and nature of software in a way that makes me more confident in identifying how and when to take command of software myself. Software Takes Command by Lev Manovich.

Andre Kadow rated it really liked it Aug 07, Lists with This Book.

Scott Fitzgerald rated it it was amazing Jan 31, Software is the agent of our every digital experience. Roger Whitson rated it really liked it Oct 26, It was completed in Rachele rated it liked it Oct 07, What was the thinking and motivations of people who in the and s created concepts and practical techniques that underlie contemporary media software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Final Cut and After Effects? Lev Manovich answers these questions through detailed analysis of key media applications such as Photoshop and After Effects, popular web services such as Google Earth, and milestone projects in design, motion graphics, and interactive environments.

Per leggere Manovich risulta utile infatti mettere nella propria cassetta degli attrezzi concetti quali quelli di affordance di Donald Norman e di agency di Bruno Latour.

What I found most interesting or useful about this book was that it provided an novel perspective on the history of computing. Does this mean that regardless of whether you are working on designing a space, creating special effects for a feature film, designing a web site, or making information graphics, your design process may follow the similar logic?

Software, after all has gradually been infusing the practices of work, science, home life, communication, consumption, travel, and so on. Books by Lev Manovich. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


To ask other readers questions about Software Takes Commandplease sign up. Is it still meaningful to talk about different mediums at all?

Software Takes Command

How do these tools shape the visual aesthetics of contemporary media and design? Further, given the partial and provisional nature of software – always being updated and patched, always processing data – he contends that software produces a world of permanent change and flux.

Offering the the first theoretical and historical account of software for media authoring and its effects on the practice and the very concept of ‘media,’ Lev Manovich develops his own theory for this rapidly-growing, always-changing field. In this work Giedion traces the development of mechanization in industrial society across a number of domains, including systems of hygiene and waste management, fashion, agricultural production, and food system, with separate sections of the book devoted to bread, meat and refrigeration.

Heather Cole rated it really liked it Jul 03, More generally, how interfaces and the tools of media softwre software are shaping the contemporary aesthetics and visual languages of different media forms?

Since these applications and services run on the remote servers, they can be updated anytime without consumers having to do anything — and xommand fact, Google is updating is search algorithm code as often as few times a day; similarly, Facebook is also updating its code daily.

Software Studies Initiative: Software Takes Command – new book by Lev Manovich

Sofware to Read Currently Reading Read. Digitalpages. Lev Manovich connects the dots of software society, from layers in Photoshop to layers of data, interpretation, and meaning.

In that sense, it can be considered as uncritical. Instead, I will trace a particular path through this history that will take us softwarre to today and which will pass through some of its most crucial points.