Leonardo Zeevaert is the author of Foundation Engineering for Difficult Subsoil Conditions ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ). Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert × ; 35 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Mexico. 0 references. Leonardo Zeevaert Biography – – Leonardo Zeevaert Biography and List of Leonardo Zeevaert Is the author of books such as Foundation Engineering For.

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Newmark; el libro en honor del Prof. Zeevaert has also performed studies for the expansion and construction of factories and heavy industries, silos, steel mills and paper mills, as well as subsoil studies for urban developments and studies on earthquake engineering in Central America, Southamerica and West Indies.

Como ciudadano ha sido ejemplar tanto en el cumplimiento con la sociedad como en su orgullo de ser mexicano. Leonardo Zeevaert — Ing. In he was invited by Dr. Es importante resaltar que el Dr. He brought forward the basic theory of compensated foundations combined with friction piles and proposed a new method to estimate negative skin friction on point bearing piles.

Ha sido consultor de empresas privadas tanto nacionales como extranjeras; asimismo, ha desarrollado importantes funciones como asesor de instituciones del gobierno. Diciembre 4 de He has acted as consulting engineer for several private companies, the Mexican Government and abroad.


Hoy que nos hemos reunido para homenajear al Dr. Al entonces ingeniero Zeevaert le entusiasmaba la forma en la que el Prof.

Other Leading Universities — Cambridge University: Conferencia Leonardo Zeevaert W. He was invited in to supply information on the advances leonagdo Civil Engineering which was buried in the Time Capsule during the World Fair of New York. This prize was the first one awarded to the tallest building outside the U. He developed several foundation systems for highly compressible soils such as those encountered in Mexico City. He was also active in the field of Coastal Engineering studying wave action on the coastline and hydraulics of marginal lagoons.

As leoanrdo consulting engineer, he carried out Soil Mechanics surveys and performed analysis and design of structures and foundations for as many as projects, during more than 50 years.

Zeevaert during more than 50 years as a consulting engineer, have enabled him to achieve important contributions. He has carried out Soil Mechanics studies for foundation analysis and for the design of structures and foundations in more than proyects.

Leonardo Zeevaert

Terzaghi y el Dr. Fue durante su trabajo con el Prof.

Karl Terzaghi in different soil mechanics assignments. Octubre 25 de In the field of Coastal Engineering, he recently designed the harbor and marina for small boats at Las Hadas Hotel in Manzanillo, Colima; he has acted as consultant for this tourist development.

Zeevaert Wiechers, Leonardo | TWAS

Grande fue su sorpresa cuando al revisarlas el Prof. Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers His life and achievements Prof. He has also acted as consultant for the foundation and structural desing of plants for the chemical and metallurgical industries in Mexico. Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers — Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert in recognition of his life and work, and achievements in his professional practice, as professor and consulting engineer and for the developments in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering.


Leonard Zeevaert passed away in Mexico City on February 16th, Up to date he is recipient of over 80 diplomas and Medals and Prizes of recognition for his work of professor and professional practice, and has been involved in over various proyects in Civil Engineering in Leonagdo and abroad.

Skempton y Alan W.

He brought forward the basic theory of compensated foundations with friction piles and the proper use of friction piles and of negative friction in piles. Mexicano oriundo del estado de Veracruz, el Dr. Me refiero al Prof. En el aspecto docente, el Dr.