Kumbakonam Temples Timings, List, map, History in Tamil and Telugu, Accommodation, Route info, Images, Pooja details, Online booking, Website, Phone. Navagraha Temple Tour Route Map. Temples in and around Kumbakonam, Thanjavoor, Mayilladuthurai and Karaikal. This map is guide for the people who are. kumbakonam, pilgrimage temple city around kudanthai thanjavur tanjore mahamaham swamimalai tiruvaiyyaru mayiladuthurai kuthuvilakku kumbeswarar .

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Every navagraha temple has its own unique rituals and following them is important. He became divine with five snake heads kumbajonam are grown on him.

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Kethu is believed to be a red snake that clutches Suriyan thus paving way for solar eclipse. You did not mention your place of stay. M Chandran 37 K. Considering the stay is at KumbakonamSuggesting the below route and order. Also considered as lord of seasons, he has many other names including Prabhakaran, Aadavan, Pakalavan, Kathiravan and Bhaskaran.

To get complete details about this temple please click this link Rahu Temple.

Navagraha Temples|Tamilnadu Temples Information website|

Arulmigu Swaminatha Swami Temple, Swamimalai. By continuing, you consent to our cookies. Rahu who deceitfully took elixir of immortality from lord Vishnu was beheaded before the elixir reached the whole body.


To get complete details about this temple please click this link Sukran Temple Saturn Saneeswaran Saneeswaran is robed in black with narrow chest and a lame leg.

Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. It is believed that Kethu is a healer for fever, tuberculosis, skin diseases and leprosy Kethu koil is located 2 km south of Dharmankulamwhich is on Mayiladuthurai which is about 20km to Poompukar which is 5 Km it can also be routee from Sirkazhi which is about 20km.

He in course of time mastered Amritha Sanjeevini Manthram and with this he earned the capability of reviving the dead ones. Top things to do in Kumbakonam We have served as the best Navagraha temples guides in Kumbakonam and Kumvakonam.

After this the head part, Rahu got metamorphosed to a snake tail.


Kethu koil is located 2 km south of Dharmankulamwhich is on Mayiladuthurai which is about 20km to Poompukar which is 5 Km it can also be reached from Sirkazhi which is about 20km. Appeasing Chandran makes you famous and give vision to those exposed to blindness.

Saneeswaran Koil is located 5 km from Karaikal, 38 rlute from Mayiladudhurai and 40km from Thiruvarur. Kindly advise which is best route,order way of temple to kumbakoam and timing. He also bears a Karunkuvalai and is pliable to vanniand yell. Sukran has a silver like color, rests with pentagonal posture and is fixed on a falcon with a white lotus in his hands. M Budhan 60 K.


Rahu is situated in Southwest and pleases with Mandharai flower, Arugu leaf and Ulundu grain. He poses a refuge on the right hand while his other hands hold weapons.

Chennai to Navagraha temple’s – Kumbakonam Forum

Hischariotis pulled by eight horses. Manoharan, Buddhidaha and Thanapradhan. Shining towards the eastern line, it is brighter when compared to Budhan but like moon it also decays during its phases. With its position fifth from the sun, Guru is known to be a Satvic inclining to harmony. There are books in his four hands and other names by which Guru is known are Mantri, Brahaspathi and Vyazhan. Guru can influence human life for 16 years and on pleasing blesses you with marriage, wisdom, high positions, honours, riches, sons and happiness.

Bhrigu was in fact the mind born child of Brahma Deva.