Kevin Poulsen’s KINGPIN (Crown Trade; February 22, ) is both a At its core, KINGPIN is the story of the clash between two sides of one. Kevin Poulsen. · Rating details · 6, ratings · reviews. The true story of Max Butler, the master hacker who ran a billion dollar cyber crime network. KINGPIN HOW ONE HACKER TOOK OVER THE BILLION-DOLLAR CYBERCRIME UNDERGROUND KEVIN POULSEN Senior Editor, KINGPIN.

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Butler had a naive view of the hacking world and believed that there should be a place for underground researchers to freely share and discuss this kind of credit card information without the worry of getting arrested.

Kingpin (book) – Wikipedia

The Ukrainian carder Maksym Yastremski, who replaced Script as the underground’s top vendor of stolen credit card data. Max had been known by a nickname in the joint, one abbreviated from a cyberpunk- themed ‘zine he’d published from the prison typewriter: Yet, thanks to his record, Max struggled to win computer employment in Seattle, working odd tech- support jobs through a temp agency.

Letting Max off without a prison term would send the wrong message to other hackers. His own computer struggled under the strain, then crashed.

On the other hand, there was an awful lot of information in this book that I didn’t know kvin about. I am abandoning all hosts on that list that you captured.

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They kingpln smart kids who took an irreverent, antiauthoritarian approach to the technology they would wind up pioneering — a scruffy counterweight to the joyless suit and lab-jacket culture then epitomized by the likes of IBM. It was just a question of who.


Kimi was a community college student and part-time barista. A friend of mine once told me to behave as if everyone could see what I was doing all the time. Screw Business As Usual.

So when Jeff Norminton showed up talking about the superhacker he’d met in Taft, Chris was ready to listen. Book is really well written and hard to put down, and additionally it actually manages to cover the technical parts in enough detail to be interesting without being boring.

In a way, he did: Cyber security professionals might know the highlights of this cyber criminal underworld, but Poulsen is able to provide a lot of detail about how this world functions that is understood by mostly only the cyber criminals themselves and the law enforcement officials who stalk them. Max was notching up military conquests like points in a video game.

She told Chad how she felt.

Aug 05, Dmytro Shteflyuk rated it really liked it Shelves: And so I guess that’s why I’m going with three stars. Lloyd Liske, a Canadian hacker who became an informant for the Vancouver police. Norminton introduced Chris to Max over the muted clatter of coffee cups and dishes.

Phrack also diligently tracked news reports from the frontier battleground between hackers and their opponents in state and federal law enforcement, who were just beginning to meet the challenges posed by recreational hackers.

For a time, they just watched it, sliding open the desk drawer when the lab instructor wasn’t around and checking to see if it was still there. She gave it to him, and the conversation drifted into an idle banter that only added to Max’s agitation. There are also many legal issues presented by the book.


Surrounded by family and beloved friends, they were a picture-perfect young couple beginning a life together. That was when Max decided to start over again in Silicon Valley, where the dot-com economy was swelling to ripeness and a talented computer genius could pick up work without a lot of questions about his past.

He grabbed a phone and found a hiding place, in case the agents peered through the windows. He thought he was doing a worthy community service to the world.

He blamed himself, he added. Security experts had been watching with dismay as the time between a vulnerability’s announcement and its exploitation by black hats shrank from months to days. Tim was at work one day when he got a call from a flummoxed system administrator at another company who’d traced an intrusion back to Hungry.

Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground

Their arrival in America instantly redrew the global cybercrime map for the FBI and placed Eastern Europe indisputably at its center. Roesch thought it would be b to see what random attacks were crossing his home cable modem connection while he was at work. Kevin Poulsen didn’t really ever go into this, but the ny of credit card scams and identity theft through the s and into the s was also, in a way, the history of the rise of the mainstream Internet.

Great account of some of the carder underground, big carder sites, and scene drama.