If you need manual resolution please select Model-Inherited. It means that you will have to set up desired rendering resolution in your main XML Scene file and . M aterials are a very im portant part of a rendered im age and can m ak e th e difference betw een a ph oto realistic look ing im age and an artificial look ing one. Hi two weeks ago I read somewhere here about that there is a manual in the works which deals with how to set up materials like SSS etc in KT.

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The components in these packs are pre-drawn SketchUp models of useful objects like furniture, cars and trees. See image below for settings:. We want to export whole model so make sure you have nothing selected. Double-Cut Make your windows and door components automatically cut through double-sided walls!

For ketkythea, aluminum has no color and just some gray specularity while colored aluminum has a colored specularity. I need to know where to actually put these kerkytheq step by step tutorial. Maybe for exterior renders preset no 17 is the best one. Please save the scene.


There are plenty of materials that have a tiny or huge bumps. Just started playing around with KT and love it!

Open File in Kerkythea. It all depends too, on how it was modeled.

All this is fine and good and certainly will be helpful when kerkythea has been downloaded but the real thing that people are asking is how to install kerkythea and its components into the right folders on the computer.

Kerkythea also allows you to create or modify textures to your own specification, by right clicking on a material in the left pane and going to Edit Material. Be sure that nothing is selected because if you have something selected, a dialogue box will ask you do you want to export selection only?

I am trying to create a forest scene in which spotlights are beaming through the trees. Just ask at the Forum if you have any problems. This is an updated and revised version of a tutorial I posted over at the KT forums.

Architectural Rendering with SketchUp and Kerkythea

You can achieve this type of relief using a bump map. MatesThanks for all comments: A fast method to render images. Profile Builder 2 Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials. Obviously if you have a perfect reflectionyou must use reflection, but if you have a jaggy reflection use Specular. The icon that kerkythes a bit like the planet Saturn, is the point light while the cone shaped icon is the spotlight. In order to get decent shadows through the manua, we ideally want a thin glass material.


Essential guide for architects, builders and designers who already know the basics of SketchUp. Keea, from what I understand of your problem, you have got your steps wrong. Profile Builder 2 Lightspeed modeling of smart mankal materials.

Kerkythea Rendering System • View topic – material manual

You can download the files you need for this here. Any kekrythea on how to fix it? My book SketchUp 7. See this link here for more info http: The final stage of this tutorial is the Settings box. Another difficult thing to model would be something with lots of tiny holes and very pitted, like a wooden fence.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Can anyone please help me with this? Double-Cut Make your windows and door components automatically cut through double-sided walls!