Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) by Theodor Herzl category, Wikidata item. English-language translations of Der Judenstaat include. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. German-English Dictionary: Translation for der Judenstaat.

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All this would, of course, need the express and definite assistance of interested Governments. The Company will thus barter houses and estates.

Their exodus will have no resemblance to a flight, for it will be a well-regulated movement under control of public opinion. We have honestly endeavored everywhere to merge ourselves in the social life of surrounding communities and to preserve the faith of our fathers. I shall get the same people out there whenever I like but the Baron will not — not on any account. I said before that the Company would not have to pay these unskilled laborers.

The men who carried out the extension of Paris made a successful speculation in land which was ingenious in its simplicity; instead of erecting new buildings in the immediate vicinity of the last houses of the town, they bought up adjacent pieces of land, and began to build on the outskirts of these. The business of many people cannot be artificially organized in a day. They are Jewish Frenchmen, well and good!

But the system has a great defect; there is not a sufficiently large demand judebstaat the production of the unskilled workers employed, hence there is a loss to those who employ them; though it is true that the organization is philanthropic, and therefore prepared for loss. This pamphlet is not intended for lawyers. The book was used to encourage Jews from all across Europe to purchase land in Palestine.

Jews are of a thrifty and adaptable disposition, and are qualified for any means of earning a living, and it will therefore suffice to make small trading unremunerative, to engllsh even present peddlers to give it up altogether.

Where it is not based on limited physiocratic views it is founded on the childish error that commodities pass from hand to hand in continuous rotation. The labor agency would then collect these unskilled laborers from every possible source, and despatch them at once to carry out the agricultural or industrial enterprise.


For we had, curiously enough, developed while in the Ghetto into a bourgeois people, and we stepped out of it only to enter into fierce competition with the middle classes. After the first Basle Congress, Herzl wrote in his diary, “Were I to sum up the Basle Congress in a word- which I shall guard against pronouncing publicly- it would be this: They do not know that the sins of the Middle Ages are now being visited on the nations of Europe.

That is not the case.

Herzl’s The Jewish State included social innovations such as the seven-hour working day. Every group will have its Rabbi, travelling with his congregation.

“The Jewish State” (Theodor Herzl)

In some countries their acquaintance with them is confined to a few spongers, borrowers, and dependents; of a better class of Christian they know nothing. The natural conformation of the land will rouse the ingenuity of our young architects, whose ideas have not yet been cramped by routine; and even ii the people do not grasp the whole import of the plan, they will at any rate feel at ease in their loose clusters.

And cheaply, not only because of the proximity of abundant building materials, not only because of the Company’s proprietorship of the sites, but also because of the non-payment of workmen.

In the Eastern countries of Europe there are great numbers of Jews who are not traders, and who are not afraid of hard work either. It might further be said that we ought not to create new distinctions between people; we ought not to raise fresh barriers, we should rather make the old disappear. It must not be destroyed, and that, as a descendant of numberless Jews who refused to despair, I am trying once more to prove in this pamphlet.

Texts Concerning Zionism: “The Jewish State”

As expressed in judenstaqt book, Herzl envisioned the founding of a future independent Jewish state during the 20th century. The departing Jew will not lose his personal business credit, but will carry it with him, and make good use of it in a new country to establish himself. The State should, therefore, receive compensation for this loss. What are they to live on when there! Inactive and inert capital yields this diminishing return, but active capital brings in judestaat marvellously increasing return.


No human being is wealthy or powerful enough to transplant a nation from one habitation to another. Now our poorest strata alone would suffice to found a State; these form the strongest human material for acquiring a land, because a little despair is indispensable to the mudenstaat of a great undertaking.

dictionary :: der Judenstaat :: German-English translation

In this way we shall secure energetic and able men, and these men will be practically trained for life by three years of labor under good discipline. I consider it from a Jewish standpoint, yet without fear or hatred. We should form a guard of honor about these sanctuaries, answering for the fulfillment of this duty with our existence. But it belongs by rights to a museum.

The personal character of the members of the corporation will guarantee its integrity, and the adequate capital of the Company will prove its stability.

And thus, many an apparent friend of the Jews turns out, on careful inspection, to be nothing more than an Juudenstaat of Jewish origin, disguised as a philanthropist. For this, many old, outgrown, confused and limited notions must first be entirely erased from the minds of men. These beautiful types will form part of our propaganda. My Jewish readers will, I hope, follow me patiently to the end. Distance has ceased to be an obstacle, vet we complain of insufficient space.

The local groups will delegate their authorized representatives to select sites for towns. But they will not leave us in peace.