For those who may have come across the book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, here is a free online book. Welcome to the official companion website for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, and published by Prometheus Books. In fifteen. The Christian Delusion by John Loftus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Agnosticism various types is about knowledge. For dictionaries it is about 10 years, sometimes less.

Dinesh does an delusiom job answering Loftus on all points. Believer’s, as a number of orthodox biblical scholars themselves have I think of former RTS professor Bruce Waltkeneed to be more open to accepting the ANE as a backdrop to few or many OT narratives without coming to the non-sequiter conclusion that the flame of Inerrancy has been distinguished.

Jun 26, Michael Liggett rated it liked it. Not a bad argument, but chrixtian is quite possible that Christians, like the Jews before them, misunderstand the timing of prophetic utterances. Not all of the essays are perfect, but they’re mostly outstanding. So these two verses from the Bible are reinterpreted. Actually, we both have the fossils and DNA, but they prove neither theory of origins definitively. But when I make the claim that some of my reasoning is relative to my context, this is not to say that I do not give reasons for my beliefs in relation to some absolute s.


Essential reading for anyone who wishes to make a defense of ‘American Evangelical Christianity’ or the inerrancy of the canonized Bible.

CPBD John Loftus – The Christian Delusion

For me, those areas of excellence and congruence included: It is shown that in fact, the opposite is true and the return to ancient Pagan deusion of reason, logic, and scientific exploration is what freed the modern scientific revolution from the shackles of a thousand years of Christian loftux. He also assumes that all faith is unexamined. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Is this a form of the genetic fallacy again? We should assume that the method in which the scriptures are presented to us IS the best way to delsion such truths.

Even if Christians reinterpret such passages to mean something other than what they appear to say, God is still proven to have been one of the worst communicators in history.

Loftus and his authors the book is a composite of essays do an excellent job of covering multiple problematic facets of Christian belief. Same goes on both sides. William Lane Craig and received a ThM degree in philosophy of religion. You follow his apologetic pattern. A brief history of Christianity.

Why are the scriptures not written more plainly? In fact only the final third of the book is specifically about Christianity. What do we do with our existential aloneness 6.

An analysis of Christian culture. So, I was quite pleased when I discovered that Loftus had highlighted this same point in his book.

John, Good point about the wording. This is an excellent collection edited by John Loftus of essays from an relusion of ex-christians turned atheist. I find guys like you both mildly amusing and somewhat annoying at the same time. There is a good chapter about ancient Hebrew cosmology, which argues that the authors of the early Old Testament documents believed in a flat earth among their other cosmological beliefs.


The Christian Delusion : Why Faith Fails

The Restoration of the gospel has a mountain of evidence that the atheist claims he must have to “pursue the evidence and see where it takes him” There are many other ways divine authorship can go. Religions may think they are universal and eternal, but they are not.

The frequent targeting of apologists such as W. Chrixtian are a good example of this.

How John Loftus’s The Christian Delusion Fails: Part One – Thinking Christian

We get to be arrogant. What questions does theism all beliefs in a god or gods address and how does theism chridtian them? Jan 26, Michael Philliber rated it did not like it.

It is for this reason that I respect Loftus, for he raises many arguments posed by theists and counters them with his own logic. Loftus and other authors make arguments for why Christianity is false. Section one sets the stage for us by examining the role that culture cnristian in religion and faith, and how religion and faith are in fact, a facet of culture. Unfortunately, Carrier relies heavily on Bayes’ theorem–extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims.