Overqualified is an art project by Canadian writer Joey Comeau in which he wrote a series of cover letters as job applications to companies. The letters were . Overqualified Joey Comeau. ECW Press. 96 pp, $ “No tricks,” Raymond Carver famously advised, to which I always wanted to respond. Overqualified’s cover letters are like a slap in the face, but the slap is Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics “Joey Comeau’s Overqualified is Judy Blume s Are You .

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Sometimes just because the jody name and the job seem pleasingly silly and any positive emotion like that — even a mad plan, even an objectively meaningless source — are worth pursuing. Nobody gives a fuck about kisses. Which is to say: But the cover letters are a twist on traditional cover letters, in that he uses them to illustrate a part of his life and sort of tie it to the company.

His writing is certainly unusual. This is a short novel, so every word has to count, and every word does.

Jun 18, Sean rated it it was amazing. Overqualified started as a series of crazy job application letters that I actually sent to companies. I’ve told you it’s about despair, I’ve told you it’s about marking time.


Bookslut | Overqualified by Joey Comeau

A book whose melancholy is leavened by a surprising hilarity. This slender overqyalified novel is charming. One Bloody Thing After Another. Short and swift, it needed to be to work and it does, sweetly. You know the kind?

I’d say he came away better for it. But on one thing Comeau is dead right: You write the same lies over and over again, listing the store-bought parts of yourself that you respect the least.

Make These Machines Mean: Overqualified by Joey Comeau | Quarterly Conversation

Hence, he applies for a linguistics professorship with a two-page, run-on sentence and he applies to Ovverqualified with a story about how he got himself in the eye while trying to watch his own cumshot. God knows how they tell anyone apart, but this is how it’s done. The Joey Comeau of these letters is isolated and paranoid and liberated by his confidence in the indifference of those who will receive his applications.

It’s a wonderful concept that should have been explored more, at least in my opinion.

Make These Machines Mean: Overqualified by Joey Comeau

Overqualified is a hilarious compilation of cover letters. A tasty snack rather than a hearty meal but those can be delicious and a real pick-me-up too – and this is what this charming little book is. Yes, I am being This book took me less than three hours to read. Feb 15, Ian Mathers rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is freaking amazing. overquailfied


His older brother was killed by a drunk driver. Boy will I fit. Sep 07, John rated it it was ok.

This was one of the best books I have ever read. Overqualified has genuine charm and is br Overqualified geniusly employs one of the most original concepts for a story: Not even joeu letters asking for employment.

But my grander narrative hopes for the book aside, Comeau sustains a great jaunt.

Yes, I am being vague because I don’t want to piss away what this story is about should anyone actually be reading this. I am other people. I wanted to tell prospective employers that I may not have a bachelor’s degree strictly speaking, but my thinking and verbal skills are just as developed as though I had one. Barrett Hathcock is a contributing editor to The Quarterly Conversation.

The notes voerqualified are discrete little stories, but in their accumulation they paint a broader picture of the writer-protagonist, despite the fact that the autobiographical information about Martone is often wildly contradictory.