A guide to setting up the Linksys/Sipura SPA and SPA as an FXO Gateway simplified installation and configuration instruction by JMG Technology. Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b A Step by Step Introduction Written by Jason from JMG Technology Section 1 Getting Started When you. PSTN-VoIP gateway. SPA information Software And this http://www. Or, go to this line.

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When experiencing echo, the remote party normally only hears the last technollgy they say because often there is a split second of silence after they stop speaking and before you start speaking. This document is intended for the installer to.

Remember the Img did not say to which country it was called to. Cyberian75 to redshift6 Member Jun Analog Telephone Adapter Network settings via Keypad commands: Here’s how I installed a couple of “backup” providers on my SPA You will be prompted to enter a name for the device. You really will need to consult your router manual about this — sorry!

Best thing to do is use another countries dialing sound for your voip calls you can search for Spx3000 configuration guides from other countries to see what their tone examples would be so that you can tell the difference when you pick up the phone between a PSTN fall back call, and a voip call. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service Connect VP More information.

Do this once for each SPA device you have. You should hear a Sipura message asking you to enter your selection. You will need to enter this setting as the static subnet mask shortly.


You tecnology to enter the IP address of the device. At first it is not all that intuitive so read the help file. You will see the following screen 4. Learn how to use.

Using a SPA-3000 as FXO Gateway to a Quadro 2x

The steps described below uses the second method mainly because it does not use any IP lines. It allows an Australian land line to be called and it also allows you to select the PSTN line by dialing a 9.

If you or the other party hears echo, back it off by 2 and test it again. This is the same as the subnet mask managed by your router.

Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b – PDF

You then fill in your account info as follows: Its free for non commercial use. You will notice that a separates the 1st dial plan from the 2nd. When it runs, it creates its own ini files etc, so you will want it in a folder of its own.

At the time of writing this document v3. If you enter a followed by 6 more digits you call will not be placed. You will need to suspend your PC rather than switch it off for this to work. Additional Set-up Information 4. Got something to say? You should hear a Sipura message asking you to enter your selection. Make sure the phone is connected securely to your router or More information.

Quick Start Guide v1. When you dial an 0 followed by a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 and then nine of any other digit it will prepend 61 and remove the 0.


This image shows the main screen providing you information about the state of the SPA, the last calls made etc. Gateway 2 uses Gateway 3 uses and Gateway 4 uses. Connect the power cable to your SPA Step 2: Then right click on the device image in the blue section and click Edit Details. Gain Settings Valid values are from 12 loudest to spx3000.

Echo can be created by your telephone handset or one of the gain settings on your SPA The example below shows Astratel being registered. The second thing that needs to be configured is under the Img Information heading.

As mentioned in the setup guideit is a good idea to keep the US dial tone for your VoIP phone so that you get audible feedback that your VoIP service is connected and working.

This is where you will enter your static IP address. It can be used to save multiple back ups of your SPA configuration settings, and then later restore from any one. Check your current Subnet Mask. This phone is especially designed for active users in the office environment.

Sipura SPA-3000 Simplified Users Guide Version 1.1b

SPA will prompt for confirmation. Check that DHCP is currently enabled. Notice how the second and third echo now are very pronounced. As above, make sure you try it out on a few calls before you make any changes.