Today, we are going to install and configure iTALC on Windows computer – both teacher and student. Whether you have 32 or 64 bit. With previous products such as iTALC you had to add all computers manually or create scripts for generating XML files which was tedious and error prone. With iTALC you can see what is going on in your classroom in overview mode, In this tutorial I am going to show you how to get iTALC up and.

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Taken from the manual: Nevertheless it can be used in other learning environments.

For example you are able to see the content of the trainee’s screens on your own screen. If one of the trainees needs assistance, you can access the trainee’s desktop and engage supportively.

The trainee sees all of your actions and is so able to learn new procedures. If you have to make a new circumstance understandable for the trainee, you can change to the demo-mode.

ITALC – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The trainee has also the possibility to demonstrate something. For this action it is necessary to click on his desktop screen to bypass his screen to the screens of other trainees. Like locking the trainee screens, so that they are not able to work any further and itald constrained to give you attention.


This howto is a practical guide without any warranty – it doesn’t cover the theoretical backgrounds. There are many ways to set up such a system – this is the way I chose.

I used two Ubuntu 7. Of course you can use more than one master system and much more clients.

Open-Source Classroom Management With iTALC On Ubuntu

Both systems were configured as follows. Take a look at http: When I was writing this howto it was version 1. Add the following to lines at the top of both files below the block of comments! The command above has created a private ltalc and a public key.

Instruct your users or manage your classroom with iTALC

For security reasons the private key should only be readable for tutorlal that shall have access to iTALC – so we create a group for the trusted users and add them to this group.

The root account on Ubuntu is disabled by default – so we have to use another user on the client.

After that, to make sure that the user that we used to copy the key is not able to modify it, we have futorial change tutodial ownership back to root. Afterwards log out and in again on the master and the client. We create itapc launcher for iTALK – so you don’t need to open a terminal to start it.


Right click on the Gnome menu and select “Edit Menus”. Click on a desired menu on the left side where you want to create the launcher I chose “System Tools”.

Afterwards click on “New Item” on the right side to create a new launcher. Set the launcher properties as follows:. But there is one. Why did you use self-compiled italc instead of already available binary? This feature is only available to subscribers.

Get your subscription here. Log in or Sign up. Start Your Free Trial Now. Hi TumorMozgowicz, because the version in tutoril Ubuntu repository v1.

DIY: Set up a PC instructional environment with iTALC

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