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The application of ISO WD for Automotive Embedded System. Hongkun Zhang1, a, Wenjun Li2,b. 1 State Key Laboratory of Automotive. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Apr 14, , Horst Schubotz and others published Experience with ISO WD in Automotive Safety Projects }. The goal of ISO is to provide an unifying safety standard for all automotive E/E systems. In this paper we introduce the component of the.

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Safety is one of the key issues of future automotive development. With the trend of increasing functionality and complexity in automotive embedded system, there are increasing risks of functional failures. It is necessary to perform the functional safety process throughout the safety lifecycle of these systems.

The appearance of the new functional safety standard ISO WD also makes the consideration of functional safety as part of the design and implementation process for these systems.

The safety life cycle isso to the new standard, activities necessary for the achievement of functional safety during the development phase are shown.


The Application of ISO WD 26262 for Automotive Embedded System

An example application according to ISO WD is given and the process and methods of functional safety analysis in this example are proposed. Advanced Materials Research Volumes Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation. Safety is always the key issue in automotive industry.

This paper discusses how automotive microcontroller suppliers can deal with this new challenge dd integrating functional safety management into product design and development. Systematic Functional Design for Sustainable Innovation. Functional design is an important method for problem-solving and high-level innovation, and function innovation is the front end of functional design.

The Application of ISO WD for Automotive Embedded System

Sustainable function innovation is a practical and innovative way to solve the issue of sustainability. Based on the concept of front-end prevention, functional design and sustainable design are integrated.

The key enabling technologies for wf function innovation function evolution, function combination and function failure are studied, and then systematic functional design process is built from function innovation angle.


Integrated systematic functional design, the innovative process model for sustainable innovation is introduced.

ISO – Road vehicles — Functional safety — Part 1: Vocabulary

A innovative design example of continuous source for CdTe deposition on a glass sheet substrate demonstrates the proposed model and theory is feasible. High voltage system isi power source is applied to electric school buses.

In this paper, failures and potential risks of high voltage system are analyzed according to the electric school bus high voltage system configuration, and the high voltage safety management system is dd with ISO as a functional safety standard.

The strategies of system diagnostics and safety management are proposed to achieve the safety requirements to electric vehicles, which improve the reliability of electric vehicles and reduce the cost of maintenance.