This tough and gritty French-language crime drama represents the premier installment in a two-part series of features on the life and doings of notorious Gallic. This is a slick gangster pic about the French and Canadian Public Enemy #1. Based on (I think) the memoirs of the title character, it succeeds in its many. Inspired by Jacques Mesrine’s autobiographical book “L’Instinct de mort” – which he wrote in prison shortly before his magnificent final escape – Jean-François.

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However, although instinc have a daughter, and later two sons, Mesrine continues to be in the robbery business, causing him to get arrested and sent to prison in late After stealing from a mob operated casino, the pair attract the attention of local mob bosses.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (Mesrine: L’Instinct De Mort)

While Jeanne and Mesrine are away to try and collect the ransom money, the man manages to crawl to the balcony, break the glass, and call for help. He then writes a book about his life, which angers his lawyer, who states that his biography places him in a difficult position, since he confesses to everything in public, but he rebuffs it.

Marco Beltrami Marcus Trumpp. Mesrine made good copy for the press, clowning for the camera and asserting that his criminal activity was politically motivated.

Sylvia Jeanjacquot underwent multiple operations and served more than two years in prison before being ultimately acquitted of any crime. By this time it was apparent that Mesrine did not have a normal criminal attitude towards minimizing the danger of being caught.

Mesrine was an extremely unruly pupil and he was expelled from Juilly for attacking the principal. The film also takes the time to illustrate the strained relationship Mesrine had with his parents, in particular his father. Jean-Paul Mercier Elena Anaya With this first part of Mesrine’s story, we get to see why he was revered by the public, but really he was a cold blooded criminal that was a menace to society.


Jeanne is cut from the same cloth as Mesrine and the pair begin to commit robberies together. He was sentenced to six months in jail and later claimed that Spanish authorities believed he was working for French intelligence.

Later they divorce, leaving him custody of the children. But when a film decides to portray a gritty tone, there’s gotta be a reason behind it other than for style.

He packs, leaves his kids in custody of his instint, and departs from France, traveling to Canada with Jeanne. Later, Guido and Mesrine kill Ahmed, an Arab pimp who beat up Sarah one of his girls and Mesrine’s girlfriendand bury him in the countryside and drive off.

The film is riveting in its execution, and the performances are top notch. The police agencies hunting Mesrine were pressured for results from the highest echelons of government. Retrieved from ” https: Throughout the film we see Mesrine struggle with trying to keep his family together, and when he becomes unemployed, we see the destructive rage and violence he can enact on his loved ones. They hooked the grappling iron onto the top of the ladder and slid down the rope. Overcoming some suspicion about his relatively middle-class background, Mesrine began to establish a reputation in the underworld as a man who was crossed at one’s peril.

Retrieved 19 February Mesrine’s next exploit occurred in November After being at large for four months, he was arrested in mortt new Paris apartment on September 28,on information supplied by an associate who wanted a reduced sentence.

Great performances from the women of the film as well, including Anaya as his beaten down wife, and De France as mprt companion Jeanne, following him on a spree through the United States after a foiled kidnapping in Canada. Use the HTML below.


Mesrine: Killer Instinct (L’instinct de mort) – Movie Reviews – Rotten Tomatoes

Elena Anaya as Sofia. They then attempted to kidnap Deslauriers, but it went wrong due to the fact that the ‘knock out drops’ they used were inert and on June 26,Mesrine and Schneider fled to the U. Goofs As Jean-Paul mesrune on the platform of the Montreal metro, a “Stand clear of the doors” sticker can clearly be seen.

French English Arabic Spanish. He went on to be expelled from other schools and fell into the lifestyle of a juvenile delinquentmuch to the dismay of his family. Nevertheless, nistinct still plans to break out of prison. It was a daring attempt to kidnap a judge who had sentenced him as part of a campaign to get maximum security prisons closed.


Killer Instinct a gangster biopic worth seeking out. On March 5,during an argument with a cashier in a coffee bar, Mesrine brandished a revolver and seriously injured a police officer who tried to intervene.

Albert Kim Super Reviewer. His father was later to claim that the time in Algeria had brought about a noticeable deterioration in Mesrine’s behavior. At an intersection, a truck blocks Mesrine’s way, and the back tarp is thrown open, revealing armed police gunmen, who immediately open fire and shoot him dead.