This is the IAPT Minimum Data Set (MDS) and should be routinely collected by all sites to support IAPT Key Performance Indicators. The. MDS includes patient. Map of positive practice examples for IAPT. . Useful resources on IAPT background and context. .. measures (minimum data set [MDS] and. ADSMs). The IAPT Programme is a Department of Health initiative to improve access to the IAPT Routine Outcome Measuring Tool (Minimum Data Set) should.

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If further research confirms these findings, the economic argument that by improving mental health across the population the productivity is increased and consequently the economy of the country could be made for older adults too. Cognitive-behavioural therapy for late-life anxiety disorders: The types of therapies available in Step 2 can be delivered by either face-to-face contact or telephone support and include bibliotherapy, behavioural activation, guided cognitive behavioural self-help, guided self-directed exposure therapy, and computerised CBT.

IAPT MDS – IAPT MDS Minimum Data Set and Key Performance Indicator KPI links

A specific aim of the IAPT programme was to relieve the stress and financial costs associated with mood disorders. Mann—Whitney U tests were used to compare median times between the two different populations. Older adults were also shown to be less likely to dropout of treatment, and this could be a feasible suggestion as to why recovery rates are better in this group.

Unfortunately, we were not able to test this in the database. Conclusions The IAPT services were shown to be beneficial to older patients, however, access to these services in later life has been lower than expected. In this regard, the results from this study are somewhat encouraging, showing that groups who would not traditionally be captured can be targeted nds increasing the type and sources of referrals.


The type of treatment offered for common mental disorders is similar for both younger and older adults, with pharmacological and psychological interventions being the most common.


National Center for Biotechnology Information dms, U. As expected, having a higher number of sessions, and receiving a lower treatment step were both associated with better recovery. Prevalence of anxiety and its correlates among older adults in Latin America, India and China: Given mrs differences in the prevalence of CMDs and the age profile of the population in the Eastern Region, the expected rate of access to the IAPT service in older people should be Primary care psychology and older people.

It is therefore important that older adults are able to access services, not only on moral grounds, but also on quality of life grounds and potential cost savings to health services, and more broadly to society. This needs to be addressed. Finally, recovery rates for both anxiety and depression among older adults were mdd to be higher than in younger adults, across most PCTs. This suggests that similar outcomes may be found in other areas outside this region. Comparative effectiveness iat cognitive therapies delivered face-to-face or over the telephone: Dropouts from treatment and waiting times were also reported to be lower in this age group.

Mean and median times were calculated with their respective standard deviations SDs and interquartile ranges IRQs.

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Overall, mixed anxiety and depression Information on socio-demographic data was also included in the IAPT minimum data set and included gender, age and ethnicity. One of the PCTs included in our evaluation did not allow for self-referrals, and it is likely that similar exclusions are present across the country.


Review mdx community prevalence of depression in later life. Differences in uapt times for both treatment and assessment were also found between various age groups.

Improving access to psychological therapies and older people: Findings from the Eastern Region

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Jonesb, c Carol Braynea, b and Tom Dening b, d. Hammondb, c Peter B.

Access to the IAPT services for older adults is lower than expected, given household survey estimates of the prevalence of depression. This was introduced to provide another route into services and to target individuals or minorities who would not otherwise access traditional services.

Interventions for generalized anxiety disorder in older adults: Waiting times for both IAPT assessment and treatment were slightly jds for older adult.

The idea that older people do not contribute to the economy is too simplistic. Of these, 0. Depression as a risk factor for the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The remaining six PCTs mfs Recovery varied between different PCTs. It is possible that older people may be more compliant with appointments offered and younger people may be harder to arrange a time with because of work and other commitments, or ambivalent motivation.

Step 3 is used mostly for moderate to severe depression and is generally delivered by CBT competent professionals.

Furthermore, dropping out of treatment was negatively associated with recovery.