This manual contains a compendium of useful formulae, programming, and In addition to helpful instructions on units conversion, directory. The HPC combines powerful numerical computation with a The HPC Reference Manual gives specific information about com- mands and how the. A collection of tools for uploading a HP 28C ROM image very quickly compared to other methods. Necessary Disassembles 81A instructions. By Paul Dale.

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You’re asked for a new KML script where you can select the calculator type and skin to emulate. The old beeper method with a ROM patch is still working but deprecated, it’s strongly recommended to remove all beep patches from your current KML scripts to enable the new sound engine.

On the right was a typical scientific keyboard layout. Hp28v Replay macro with the speed set by the speed slider.

HP-28C Reference Manual

If you changed the mahual model meanwhile, the emulator will switch back to the old model. The easiest way to use the emulated calculator is using the mouse.

The HPC was the first handheld calculator capable of solving equations symbolically. This recalls the measuring routine and save the result in the speed variable.

Once you have selected a script, press OK to start the emulator. Command Line The command line syntax is ” Emu28 [file] “.

HP series – Wikipedia

As the lid edges were made of a harder metal, the plastic notches in the case were prone to cracking or breaking, even manyal carefully kept mankal. This is only valid for the HP28C emulation. This option enables a X-Mouse style windows activation. If the backup slot already contain data, it will be overwritten. Retrieved from ” https: In opposite to the New When this option is checked, you’ll get a warning message box when you try to load an object to stack level 1 over the Load Object A real or complex manul is only detected in the case of valid real number characters in the clipboard.


Volume The output volume can be selected with the Volume slider relative to the Master Volume control. Another convenient way is using the PC keyboard.

So keyboard usage depends on your used KML script and not on the emulator.

Show Menu When this option is checked, the menu bar is enabled. This is a simple disassembler. You’re also get in this dialog when you Exit a new session without a state file name. When this option is checked, you see the results of the KML Keyboard Macro Language interpreter at every emulator startup.

Documentation – Hewlett-Packard HP-28C Getting Started Manual

Automatically Save Files On Exit When this option is checked, the current state file will be saved automatically at the end when the majual program is closed. The new sound engine emulates the behavior of the beeper output ports and only work in connection with a sound card. On all other objects, the command will be ignored.


Automatically Save Files When this option is checked, the current state file will automatically saved when you change to another state file, but not when you close the emulator program. Opens an existing emulation session.

HP 28 Programming Tools

Class Mnemonics Class Clarke assembler was written by Lutz Vieweg inat a time when HP had not published their own development tools. Installation To install Emu28, just unzip the emulator and the required emulator skins into an empty directory.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When you release the mouse button or leave the area of the virtual key, the key is still hold.

Please don’t manuxl me, I will not send you mine. This saves the current emulator status into a backup slot. The support of the old sound implementation by a ROM patch maybe removed in later versions of the emulator and remaining beep patches will corrupt the ROM with an illegal opcode then. How to Start 6.

Prompts a dialog to enter the macro file for the data to record. Class Clarke assembler was written by Lutz Vieweg inat a time when HP had not published their own development tools.