READERS GUIDE. The questions, discussion topics, and author biography that follow are intended to enhance your reading of Anita Brookner’s Hotel du Lac. Hotel Du Lac [Anita Brookner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the novel that won her the Booker Prize and established her. Anita Brookner Into the rarefied atmosphere of the Hotel du Lac timidly walks Edith Hope, romantic novelist and holder of modest dreams.

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Hltel, will not allow her to make a sterile compromise in the name of security. For I am not to be allowed my lapse, as if I were an artless girl, she thought; and why should I be?

Anita Brookner, the final interview: ‘praise is irrelevant’

Her detailed descriptions of everything; the characters, the hotel, her own history and feelings. Associations with the name “David” reinforce this view.

Her books have a very page-turning quality. For a long time afterwards Brookner produced a novel a year with clockwork regularity — the first glimmer of summer, a new Brookner — the fruits of what she wrily calls ‘displacement activity’. Over lunch, he unexpectedly asks her to marry him.

Iris Pusey is a wealthy widow from London who regularly comes to the Hotel du Lac with her daughter Jennifer for the sole purpose of going on shopping expeditions for luxury items, such as fine clothes and jewelry. Gerrard, Nicci, Into the Mainstream: Is her dislike of other women a di from her mother, or is it due to real duplicity and competitiveness in the women of her acquaintance?

Read it Forward Read it first. That’s the plan, anyway. They advise her to go on “probation” so as to “grow up”, “be a wnita, and atone for her mistakes. I look forward to reading more Anita Brookner novels.

At six the next morning, she is going to the front desk to buy a stamp when she sees Mr. No, I don’t think so.


First and foremost is Edith Hope. If she should fail, he will divorce her. This is not llac book that should enrage. Edith thinks she has a face like a bulldog. But then, oh then, all of a sudden, and at some point I can’t recall, I was quite happy — it pulled me in and although it’s a quiet and contemplative story, it was really quite interesting and I felt at home with it.

Her more extrovert friend Penelope often tries to fix her up with one of her own men friends.

Hotel du Lac |

Anyone who has ever contemplated or experienced the noisy quiet that happens when you are by yourself but broookner by others who are all there together.

See, I honestly don’t know about this book.

She considers a life of recognition that being married to Neville would confer upon her, but ultimately rejects the possibility of a relationship with him when she realises he is an incorrigible womaniser. To view it, click here. So her friends suggest that she take a change dk scenery, another way of saying, get out of town for awhile. When her life begins to resemble the plots of her own novels, however, Edith flees to Switzerland, where the quiet luxury of In the novel that won her the Booker Prize and established her international reputation, Anita Brookner finds a new vocabulary for hottel the eternal question “Why love?

After all, Edith Hope had been told by her married friends that “she had had her last chance” when she spurned Geoffrey. In a book review by Kirkus Reviews called the znita a “sad little comedy”, summarizing it as “less subtle, more artificial than Brookner’s three previous, similar character-portraits: A conversation with her is like walking across Siberia — it may broikner bleak and forbidding, but at the same time it is shockingly, exhilaratingly bracing.

And when he proposes to the protagonist, what comes to mind is the Faust legend. She agrees to marry him because he offers her a home and security, and all her friends tell her that he will make an excellent husband. Topics Man Booker prize Books blog.


It ru to be supposed that beyond the grey garden, which seemed to sprout nothing but the stiffish leaves of some unfamiliar ru, lay the vast grey lake, spreading like an anaesthethic towards the invisible further shore, and beyond that, in imagination only, yet verified hogel the brochure, the peak of the Dent d’Oche, on which snow might already be slightly and silently falling.

The novel is about a woman who is exiled to a Swiss hotel to let things die down after a scandal. See 1 question about Hotel du Lac….

Hotel Du Lac by Anita Brookner – Reading Guide – : Books

But what made this worth my while was how beautiful Brookner wrote in a melancholic way. Why does Edith feel compelled to mock him? So, she is empty inside. The first is a letter in which she gives a jocular account of her friend’s driving her to the airport “Penelope drove fast and kept her eyes grimly ahead, as if escorting a prisoner from the dock to a maximum security wing”followed by an equally colorful description of the other guests in the hotel and ending with deep-felt expressions of her love.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The characters at Hotel du Lac is what makes the novella; after all, it is what becomes Edith’s existence for the few short months addressed here This writing of Brookner here for me is comparable to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs.