[GURPS Shapeshifters Cover] In July of my book GURPS Shapeshifters was released. As is often the case when I write a book, I wrote too. GURPS Shapeshifters is, as one would perhaps expect, an overview of creatures and characters (same thing, at least as far as the Generic Universal. GURPS Classic: Shapeshifters – Looking for a Change? Moon-linked curses. Shape-stealing aliens. Strange gifts and genetic quirks passed.

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I’m not entirely sure I actually understand how much each form would cost. For example I wanna do a werewolf, so shapedhifters bestial half-form I couldn’t find a template for would be determined how? Where did you start yours? Planeswalking from Kamigawa to an unnamed Plane. Where I was immediately attacked by a giant beast.

GURPS Shapeshifters

This should answer all of your questions. The old saw about the early bird and the worm just goes to show that the worm should have stayed in bed.


Long I think, therefore I get really, really annoyed at people who won’t. So you have to build or find this template somewhere. Just create the prototypical stats of a member of the race you want to come up with the template. The human racial template is “nothing special, all stats at 10” for [0 points]. That’s pretty much the cost of the form right shapeshiftefs, except that you also lose your own racial template when morphing.

That’s why its price is deducted. For a werewolf, both lower forms would be worth 0 points.

Morph allows you to become potentially any creature. Alternate Form only allows certain forms picked at character creation, which would be the usual thing for someone with just one other form, like a typical werewolf.

GURPS Shapeshifters

But you said Morph, so let’s stick with that for now. An elf, that potentially wants to morph into a werewolf, has to have the Morph advantage [Base cost ] and extra [66] points to allows forms up to 66 points worth more.

So [] in total. A human would have to spend [] points to morph into anything as powerful as a werewolf.


The werewolf would have to spend just [] to morph into anything less powerful, like the shapewhifters or human racial template or a dwarf or a cat or a frog Alternate Form is similar, but you pay 15 points for every form you can shift into. An Elf with Werewolf alternate form: Adding say a frog and cat form, which we assume both to be much cheaper than an Elf form, would only cost another [15] each, because that’s the minimum per form.

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