Integer Set Library: Manual. Version: isl Common installation instructions. .. are available from Based on the $watch setup above and display bindings in the template files, the amount of manual display setup should be minimal (none in project HP. Welcome to the GForge Group Wiki, please see the links below to access GForgeNEXT FAQ · GForgeNext Manual · GForgeNext ChangeLog · GForge.

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True and false are built in to the gorge language and behave like constants, but should be written in lowercase to distinguish them from user-defined constants.


Public Forums 7 message in 2 forumsBugs gforgw open, 12 total. The functionalities between the different trackers are the same, we’ll use the Bugs Tracker as example to describe the functionality of all trackers.

Send Commit Emails to Mailing List — Select to send an advisory e-mail when a user adds, deletes, or checks out a file. GForge CVS repository 2.

GForge AS by GForge Group > Projects > GForge AS > Wiki > View Page

You can associate Tracker Items to Releases, even future Releases, by creating a custom field in your Trackers of type Release. Click the Add new ACL link. The Category can be used to describe the version of gfkrge software or the gravity of the bug. Click the Project Admin Trove Categorization button in the left menu bar. Descriptions must be at least ten characters in length and cannot exceed 80 characters.

How appropriate is this text? When a Project is created, some Forums may be automatically created, depending on which template Project was chosen.

The list specifies who or what is allowed to read or write to the specified directory and what operations are allowed to be performed by the users in question. Once a project manjal set up with its unix name, the name cannot be changed.


Maual Aging report shows the turnaround time for closed bugs, the number of bugs inserted and the number of bugs still open.

Submit new documentation 4. Add — Adds the information as entered. Gfrge forums can be created using the Admin section of the forum. Once you have set up this user as an administrator, you can use GForge web interface to add more administrators. One of these parameters is the language in which you wish to display a piece of information, and another is some handle to identify the information you want to display.

They can be assigned to members of the team, and start and end dates set up for them, dependencies on other tasks set, percentage completion etc.

Click the Save changes button. It will take some time for the cvsroot to be created – usually by an overnight cronjob. If you use the localization caching system, remove cache files. Thus translations should be regularly updated to be uptodate. Here you should insert the IDs of the questions in the order they should appear.

Delete Folder Confirmation 5. You need to select first a subproject from the subproject list and then select the Add Task link. Free form text for the Browse items page This allows you to put a specific introduction on the Browse items page. When you receive the confirmation email, you must connect to GForge using the provided URL in the email.

When you click on a project, you will go to the project summary. You can add, edit, and delete News articles. Settings — Permissions you require for this area. This combo box lists the trackers of the project. The Project Administrator can determine if documents can be viewed publicly by all users or only users that are a member of the Project.

Tasks To Do — Task that need attention. Description Insert the description of the snippet. Navigate to the location where you desire to edit the Folder. Click on the I agree button to register the project. We provided some fact sheets for SuperComputing’11, covering the several aspects of the framework. Folders categorize documents submitted by regular users. Now add an anonymous user to your system with a blank password, or one of anonymous. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as a warranty or guarantee, express or implied, regarding the performance, merchantability, fitness or any other matter with respect to the products, nor as a recommendation to use any product or process in conflict with any patent.


My Submitted Items This list shows the Tracker items submitted by you. Change the Is Public attribute, if required. When a commit is performed on your SCM tree, the ACLs find any matching directories and the user is either granted or denied permission to perform the commit, depending on their role and ACL settings for the specified directory.

Release Date The Release Date. Author — Name of the person who altered the file. Only items in the open state will be listed here. This works at the field or element level. Add several new filenames to the DirectoryIndex directive: Select each Role and configure the access levels. Fill in the Full Name, Unix Name, Project Purpose and Summarization fields paying attention to the restrictions listed on the page and select a license type.

This allows you to delete a message and any followups from a forum. Defaults to success delay: Group that document belongs in You should select here the group of the gfogge.