General. Although this weapon was originally designed for use by parachute troops, it can now be found in general use in all combat units of the German Army . Find great deals for Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook. Shop with confidence on eBay!. German MP40 Machinegun Military Shooting Tech Manual – FTF Industries is a one stop shop for hard to find tactical supplies, one of a kind gun parts, knives.

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BOK224 MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

Please reference “Denckler Signal Flags” on your order. Detailed paperwork and charts are in the appendices to show how it’s all supported, recorded, and forwarded up mahual chain of command.

Click this link for a movie of a. Great program, and it’s free. Briefly explains how to operate np40 field kitchen firing, the kettle, etc.

To see how to place an order, click on the ” Orders ” link. It doesn’t get much better than manuall. Originally about 70 pages in small format, now 80 pages at 5.

MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

How to properly use the cleaning and oil brushes, the oil dropper, the cleaning chain, and cleaning wicks. It does somewhat explain what the tasks of the pioneers were, including their manuql on roads and in combat and their duties in helping the infantry prepare for combat.


Please reference “Flare Pistol” on your order. THIS is a heck of a manual, and a primary source of information of how it was done in the day. This is a translation of a classroom textbook written for the officers. They show the names of common items, the names of common items in English, etc.

When gdrman surface, when to dive, when to stay up or down, periscope use, posting lookouts, how to deal with approaching aircraft, weather conditions, attack techniques, evasion techniques, lots of very manhal details about what to do as the commander of a U-Boat. Chinn Vol 2, Sec. For first class postage: Includes many large fold-out terrain maps with tactical symbols showing the deployment and situations in the numerous examples, which teach the why and how of troop management at the battalion level, and explains the differences between attached and supporting troops, and the differences in commanding them.

Most of the often seen field telephones still work, if you know what to do with them. Even the aluminum grommets have dimension drawings showing the specifications for the Wehrmacht approved design.


Please reference “Field Telephone” on your order. Please reference “6th Army Cookbook” on your order. Please reference “Dictionary” on your order. Recommended prior reading is H.

The inside is exactly the same with no modifications. It gives the theory of the best way to teach shooting, how to run the courses, types and methods of control of the targets and their selection, referees, and how to manage the people running the school.

If you reenact, you’ll be able to use the original German words for the commands.

A short subject, covered very briefly. This is a WW2 privately written manual by an Oberfeldwebel and Oberregierungsrat. See the pictures below. It has been a while since I enjoyed translating a book this much.

Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook | eBay

To UK and EU: If anyone has a copy of H. Proper use of the sally, cover, hack, strike, and counter strike are all explained in detail. Most pages have pictures on the right page and captions on the left, with some having other arrangements.