Un protoplasto es una célula de planta, bacteria u hongo que ha perdido total o parcialmente su pared celular, para lo cual se usan. Cultivo y fusion de protoplastos []. Loyola Vargas, V.M. Rosell, C.H. (ed.) Villalobos Arambula, V.M. (ed.) Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the . El poder seleccionar eficientemente las plantas híbridas producidas a partir de fusión de protoplastos es fundamental. Se han logrado muchos avances en el.

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An unexpected error occurred. Instpp The authors would like to thank the International Potato Center for financial support and to Martha Williams de Castro who revised the English version of this article.

The effect of initial culture media. Successful application of the fusion technique demands a protocol for plant regeneration from protoplasts. Non-transgenic applications of plant tissue culture in potato.

These results showed that all hybrids were aneuploids Fig. Somatic potato hybrids have been produced by fusion of diploid wild species with tetraploid S. Protoplasts fusion from S. Root tips were stained by lacto-propionic orcein.

When colonies had developed, alginate beads were despolimeryzed using 20 mM sodium citrate solution in sorbitol 0,3 M, pH 7,4 and gently shaking. Analysis of chromatin, nuclear DNA and organelle composition in somatic hybrids fusiob Solanum tuberosum and Solanum sanctae-rosae.

Origins of cultivated potatoes and species relationships. Tissue culture response in various wild and cultivated Solanum germplasm accessions for exploitation in potato breeding. The ploidy of the genotype used in plant regeneration has been shown to profoundly affect the type of variation observed in morphological characters and chromosome numbers among regenerant plants.


These barriers in classical breeding can be overcome using biotechnological methods such as somatic hybridization by protoplast fusion Carputo et al. Skip to content Biology. Analysis of intra-specific somatic hybrids of potato Solanum tuberosum using simple sequence repeats. After protoplasts fusion and during plant regeneration it frequently happens that genetic protoplastox such as variations in chromosome number occur. Nineteen somatic hybrid plants were obtained from fusion experiments using PEG in an effort to combine elite traits from both parents.

Cultivo y fusion de protoplastos

This can be done via morphological, biochemical, cytological and molecular markers Pinto et al. Somatic hybrids were confirmed morphologically under greenhouse conditions, when intermediate characteristics between parent lines, such fision shoot coloration, leaf shape fusioh pubescence were observed. Isolation of Protoplasts from Tissues of day-old Seedlings of Arabidopsis thaliana …. Chromosome analysis The numbers of chromosome of S. Both 6carboxyfluorescein and the kanamycin resistance harboured by the plasmid have been transferred from liposomes to protoplasts of phycomyces by the fusion technique.

Then the suspension was centrifugated at rpm during ten minutes. Please recommend JoVE to your librarian. You must be signed in to post a comment.

Many wild Solanum species are regarded as important sources for protoolastos resistance and tolerance to many abiotic stresses Hawkes, but their use in potato breeding is limited due to poor crossability and sterility of interspecific hybrids. The latter has a natural resistance to late blight, Phytophthora infestans Mont.


Protoplashos RAPD analysis was carried out for all regenerated plants derived from calli of the combination S. Protoplast fusion between haploid gametic and diploid somatic cells has been achieved which clearly protoplastod that fusion is independent of cell type.

It has been demonstrated that protoplast-derived plants show a higher degree of chromosomal number variation than those derived from tissue or organ culture. Centrifugar el tubo a g durante min a temperatura ambiente y descartar el sobrenadante con una pipeta.

Cultivo y fusion de protoplastos [1990]

Regeneration in Gewebekulturen einiger Dihaploider Solanum tuberosum Z. Aggregations of more than two protoplasts were also observed. The production of somatic hybrid plants with a chromosome number deviating from the expected is well documented in many fusion combinations where potato protoplasts have been used as one or both fusion parents Austin et al.

Somatic hybridization in the genus Solanum: Interspecific somatic hybrids were obtained by polyethylene proyoplastos fusion of protoplasts from tetraploid Solanum tuberosum L. This value is different from that obtained by Mattheij et al.

None of the plants had a similar banding pattern in relation to each one of the parents.