Michael Yessis Plyometric Training Achieving Explosive Power in Sports – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download Explosive Plyometrics, Dr Michael Yessis. Keywords: Plyometric, Exercise, Agility, Explosive strength, Speed. 1. Introduction . [14] Yessis Michael (). Explosive Plyometrics.

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I 74 I I Distance should not be great, a few inches at a time. This book gives you the true explosive plyometric exercises for you to develop the greatest speed and explosive power possible. Leave a Review Your email address will not be published.

Explosive Plyometrics – Dr. Yessis SportLab

As you do this exercise be sure that your body moves forward yessi a straight line. Even today, just about any article you read calls all different types of jumps plyornetrics.

He was the first to apply this concept to the training of athletes and proved it plyoometrics improve performance greatly. Simple and easy jump exercises play the major role. For example, hold the handle of the cord in the right hand by the right shoulder and hold this position during the shoulder rotation.

They do the opposite, they figuratively put the muscles to yessia in a relaxed state and do not prepare them for action, especially explosive actions. Because of this I do not recommend this type of jumping because it can teach poor 39 take-off technique.


Immediately after landing, 52 Best at this time is active rest, which means that you remain active for relaxation purposes, not for physical development. This force is withstood in eccentric contraction. But its application is still generally misunderstood. Keep the arms flexed and control the weights as exp,osive do the jump, so that the dumbbells do not hit the body. At this time, takeoff height plyomerrics increased by a few inches. Use this exercise to learn to how plymetrics your forces mainly upward but slightly Execution: Same as push-up jumps.

In essence, you leap, land, and then leap back to the initial position and repeat without any stops. This preparation prepares you for the more intense training such as explosive plyometrics, which follows. Plyometric exercises are sometimes performed with an additional load, or weight, added.

For examples of some of these exercises see the DVD that will accompany this book. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat In general, speed is the most important element needing improvement.

Explosive Plyometrics

Because of this, it follows the other types of training that require maximum levels of energy. Wrist Break Using Ulna Flexion Explosive Plyometrics can give you the speed and power you need for any sport.

exploeive Aside from the obvious structural differences there are also physiological differences in the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems that require differences in your program. When you first start jump training as a lead-up to plyometric training use “soft” surfaces to land on. Get to Know Us. Assume a standing position on one leg with the other leg bent and off the ground.


You then exhale on the return or after completion of the exercise while explsive in control of the movements. The term plyometrics, was coined by Fred Wilt, former US track coach.

I Athlete stationary Figure 2. By doing specialized exercises that include explosive plyometrics and incorporating them into your skill execution and game play, you will see dramatic results – much greater than you will ever see from a general conditioning program. Calf stretch heel lowering and raising on a raised platform or from a forward leaning position on the ground to stretch the Achilles tendon.

Some of the best active stretches for the leg and hip joints are: To develop the ability to execute explosive take-offs on both yfssis in a forward direction. Explosive Plyometrics can give you the speed and power you need for any sport. This places the abdominals on stretch so that they can then contract and bring the shoulders upper body forward to release the ball.

Your partner should hold a small ball in front, directly above you about inches away.