Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from . Dialog Professional and the Dialog Executive. In this Ericsson Enterprise AB. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. System telephone for MD, release BC7-BC Dialog IP Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. Dialog Telephone pdf manual download.

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Steady light Function is active or supervised line is busy. Press The display shows the reason, and if entered, time or date of return.

Ericsson makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. This ensures that goods have been purchased from Office Phone Shop. This easy guide shows the most common function codes. Press to terminate a handsfree call Dialog Access 1 and 2 are available both for incoming and outgoing calls.

Internal follow-me must be ordered from your own extension before you can redirect from answering position. We will do all we can to offer our assistance with any problems you may encounter.

To make calls with your authority level when your telephone is locked Press Enter authorization code and press Verification tone. Handset Supplied with hearing aid function as standard. Your telephone must be idle and unlocked to be able to browse the log. When the label is peeled back Office Phone Shop Company details sticks to the glue and the label will then say void. Dial the digit or digits to get an external line and the external number To change your individual authority code Press Enter old authorization code and press Dial new authorization code and press Verification tone.


Failure to do so will result in ericzson refund ericeson invalidated. Internal Messages The program key lamp turns on and all other lamps turn off. From handsfree to loudspeaking Lift the handset and press Press to end the call Dialog Individual Press the ongoing call line key and replace the handset The key lamp flashes slowly. If you find that the notification of message waiting is intrusi- ve or you want to shut off the notification: Dial the number You are connected via the loudspeaker and microphone.

Ericsson Dialog Phone

Table Of Contents All rights reserved. Page 33 Dial the extension number Press Message waiting optional If assigned this function and your telephone is diverted to an interception computer, ericcsson function key programmed by the system administrator will flash when there are messages stored for you in the computer. You can still make calls as usual. Soft keys The functions depend on the traffic state.


If your paging receiver has bothway voice connection, press the answer button to speak. This function is only available in newer software versions of your telephone.

Dialog reconditionné refurbished Ericsson : Digital Phone

DTMF signals, you need to activate the function during the call. Lift the handset Handset to headset Press the headset key Headset with loudspeaking Press to toggle between headset with or without loud- speaking Headset to handsfree Press Press the headset key Handsfree to headset Press the headset key Dialog The system acknowledges with different tones whether the tracing request was accepted or rejected.

A call to an alarm extension obtains auto- matic intrusion if the extension is busy. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. From loudspeaking to handsfree Replace the handset Handsfree conversation.

Ericsson Dialog 3213 Phone

You can also press Access 2. Please tick if you are interested in: A three party call is established and a warning tone is heard. Dialog On hold You can temporarily put the ongoing call on hold.