One of the most important figures of the 16th century, Desiderius Erasmus was a leading reformist and Renaissance humanist. Through his works and letters. A book called in Latin Enchiridion militis Christiani, and in English The manual of the Christian knight. by Erasmus, Desiderius, d. Originally published as part of: Lucubratiunculae, Antwerp, First published separately Leipzig,

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Of which kind and sort be lechery, riot, envy, and such like diseases, which all without exception must be kept under in prison and with punishment as vile and bond servants, that they render to their master their task and work appointed to them if they can: But if we have that simple and bright eye which the gospel speaketh of, if the house of our mind have in it the candle of pure faith set upon a candlestick, all these trifles shall easily be put away and avoided as it were clouds or mists.

She stoopeth down and boweth herself to thy humility and lowness. The first of men of the Church. To come to this quietness the only way or means is if we make war against ourself, if we fight strongly against our own vices God is our peace and felicity.

Handbook of a Christian Knight – Wikipedia

The elements have every one his proper place, but the fire which hath the highest place by little and little draweth all the other unto him, and so much as he can turneth them into his nature. There be amongst these that have encuiridion two wives which Christ thinketh worthy for the first circle. Now he that something rebuketh their shamelessness, doth not therefore favour the naughtiness of priests, but sheweth that they regard not those offences which be a great deal more to be cried out upon.

I beseech thee for the love of God shew me what shall we bring about with militia these reckonings, specially if our manners and our life be like to the proud doctrine and learning? In these worldly wars a man may be oftentimes at rest, as in the deep of the winter, or in time of truce: They hear not Paul affirming with his master, that the letter killeth, and it is the spirit giveth life. Then the devil bade Christ honour him.


Even so the words of God, though they be not perfectly understood, nevertheless we must trust that they be profitable to them that either say them or hear them enchriidion perfect faith, with pure affection and mind, and that the angels which are present and doth understand be provoked to help them. The quarrel of some persons.

Enchiridion militis Christiani,

Hear also the liberty. For thou sayest that thou art and hast been a great while weary of the pastime of the court. For these which were the bringers up and authors of this sentence we have made heretics, because a pope, I wot not who, doth seem to enchiridioh and allow war.

If ye be led with the spirit, ye be not subject to the law. Who shall separate us from the love of God? All things give place to the glory of Christ. Albeit, most virtuous father, that the little book, to the which I have given this name or title Enchiridion militis christiani, which many a day ago I made for myself only, and for a certain friend of mine being utterly unlearned, hath begun to mislike and displease me the less, forasmuch millitis I do see that it is allowed of you and other virtuous and learned men such as you be, of whom as ye are indeed endued with godly learning, and also with learned godliness I know nothing to be approved, but that which is both holy and also clerkly: Thou must thank him altogether for the victory, which first of all himself alone being immaculate, pure and clean from sin, oppressed the tyranny of sin.

Only voluptuousness is abhorred in sacerdotes. It is a common use unto the Holy Ghost to signify by water the knowledge of the law of Chrkstiani. There is no kind of living but it hath some perilous points annexed unto it, to cause men to degenerate from the truth: And he that gathereth not with him scattereth abroad.


Wherefore if christianii dedicate thyself wholly to the study of scripture and exercise thy mind day and night in the law of God, no fear shall trouble thee, neither by day nor night: Also if a man do teach those for to do better which tarry at home and provide for their wife and children They which go to Hierusalem do no great thing.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And king David the prophet saith, their throat is a sepulchre wide open, they spake deceitfully with their tongues.

And why is not the quick courage of a gentle stomach enflamed with the Edition: But to the elected both of the Jews and also of the gentiles we preach Christ encyiridion virtue or strength of God, and the wisdom of God, by whose wisdom through Edition: Make much of this wisdom and take her in thine arms.

The Manual of a Christian Knight – Online Library of Liberty

But shall not the mocker be mocked? And I am assured saith he that neither death, nor life, nor angels, neither principalities, neither virtues, neither present things, neither things to come, neither strength, neither height, neither lowness, nor none other creature shall or may separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesu. When a priest is a flatterer or a pick-quarrel, which with his bitter tongue and false lies doth hurt the names of those which never offended him, but rather hath done him pleasures, why do we not now cry out?