A basic level guide to some of the best known and loved works of prose, poetry and drama from ancient Greece – Electra by Sophocles. MILITARUL Uploaded by. Anastasia Diana Miulescu · Electra – Euripide. Uploaded by. Anastasia Diana Miulescu · Electra – Electra (Q) . Electra (Sophocles) . pawiki ਇਲੈਕਟਰਾ (ਸੋਫੋਕਲੀਜ); ptwiki Electra (Sófocles); rowiki Electra (Sofocle); ruwiki Электра (Софокл).

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Meanwhile, Electra continues to mourn the death of her father Agamemnon, holding her mother Clytemnestra responsible for his murder. The play begins years later when Orestes has returned as a grown man with a plot for revenge, as well as to claim the throne.

According to Pindar Pythiaxi. The Reader’s Encyclopedia of World Drama. Post noted that the play was “unique among Greek tragedies for its emphasis on action. For other sofoclw, see Electra Greek myth. Iphigenia in Tauris His wife, Clytemnestrawho had borne a grudge against Agamemnon for many years since he had sacrificed their daughter Iphigenia at the start of the Trojan War in order to placate sogocle gods, and who had in the meantime taken Agamemnon ‘s ambitious cousin Aegisthus as a lover, killed both Agamemnon and Cassandra.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. For other uses, see Electra disambiguation. Retrieved from ” https: When Orestes was 20, the Oracle of Delphi ordered him to return home and avenge his father’s death.

Electra’s parents were King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

Electra (Sofocle)

Richard; Wilson, Peter Roman writer Cicero considered Electra to be a masterpiece, [1] and the work is also viewed favorably among modern critics and scholars.


The Songs of the Kings. They hide her corpse under a sheet and present it to Aegisthus when he returns home, claiming it to be the sogocle of Orestes.

Upon their arrival, Agamemnon and Cassandra were murdered, by either Clytemnestra herself, her lover Aegisthus or both. Iphigeneia, Orestes, and Pylades escaped from Tauris. The two met when Orestes and Pylades were brought to Iphigeneia to be prepared for sacrifice to Artemis. Eight years later, Electra was brought from Athens with her brother, Orestes.

When he came back, he brought with him his war prize, the Trojan princess Cassandrawho had already borne him twin sons. Electra was not hounded by the Erinyes. Many scholars are divided over whether Electra ‘s victory over her mother represents the triumph of justice or the elecctra even madness of Electra.

The play ends here, before the death of Aegisthus is announced.

Agamemnon father Clytemnestra mother Aegisthus stepfather Orestes brother Iphigenia sister Chrysothemis sister. The Chorus of the play, comprised in this case of the virgins of the Mycenae palace, is traditionally reserved and conservative, although this Chorus abandons its conventional stance to aofocle support both Electra and the play’s final act of vengeance.

Electra (Sophocles play) – Wikipedia

Electra or Elektra Ancient Greek: Johns Hopkins University Press. Its date is not known, but various stylistic similarities with the Philoctetes BC and the Oedipus at Colonus BC lead scholars to suppose that it was written towards the end of Sophocles’ career. It is based on the story of Electra and her brother Orestesand the vengeance they take on their mother Clytemnestra and step-father Aegisthus for the murder of their father Agamemnon in the aftermath of the Trojan War.

They escort Aegisthus off set to be killed at the hearth, the same location Agamemnon was slain. Oresteia BC, Aeschylus Electra c. They pursue Orestes, urging him to end his life. Views Read Edit View history.


Clytemnestra had held a grudge against her husband for agreeing to sacrifice their eldest daughter, Iphigeniato Artemis so he could send his ships to fight in the Trojan war. Chrysothemis is less emotional and more sofoce than Electraand clings to the principle of expediency in the hopes of maximizing her own comfort and profit. Belatedly realizing who she is, though, Orestes reveals his identity to his emotional sister, who sodocle betrays his identity in her excitement and joy that he is alive.

He does not recognize Electra, nor she him. In psychologythe Electra complex is named after her.

Orestes and Pylades enter the house and slay Clytemnestra. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Electra proposes to her sister that it is now up to epectra to kill their hated step-father Aegisthusbut Chrysothemis refuses to help, pointing out the impracticability of the plan. Iphigenia in Aulis and Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripides. Orestes arrives with his friend Pyladesson of Strophius, and a pedagogue, i.

Orestes Electra Chrysothemis old man Clytemnestra Aegisthus. Her only hope is that one day her brother Orestes will return to avenge Agamemnon. This article is about the well-known mythological character Electra. Electra is one of the most popular mythological characters in tragedies. Back to Top of Page.