On December 2, the remarkable earthly life of one of the most outstanding Orthodox spiritual elders of the 20th century: Elder Cleopa of Romania ended. Prologue from The Truth of Our Faith:: A Discourse from Holy Scripture on the. Teachings of True Christianity, By Elder Cleopa of Romania. The name and. Photo of Elder Cleopas “In any stage you may be do not get discouraged, pray even if you feel compulsion and the Lord will visit you with His.

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Therefore, do not fool yourself, Christian, as the wolf can never turn into sheep, nor can the devil ever turn into a doctor. Whoever has a firm belief in God, who prays to God incessantly, and goes to the Holy Church regularly, will never resort to devils and wizards for help, as they are the enemies of God. Then, people who cast spells and resort to such people that perform them are no longer entitled to the name of Christians, but of apostates.

He claimed that while in seclusion in the mountains he lived as a king even though the conditions were extremely severe, food was scarce and shelter was improvised.

Epder the ones who believe in dreams and visions easily, without much searching and advice, receive penance, just as the ones who resort to magic and enchantments — namely, may they be stopped from taking the Holy Eucharist for up to seven years. Ye hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying: Subscribe To Posts Atom.

He was the fifth of ten children born to Alexandru Ilie. Inthe hermitage became a monastery and vice-archimandrite Cleopa Ilie became archimandrite on eder of Patriarch Nicodim.


Inthe hermitage became a monastery and vice- archimandrite Cleopa Ilie became archimandrite on approval of Patriarch Nicodim. Feodor Ushakov to G Archimandrite Cleopa Ilie; — was a well known twentieth century writer and spiritual elder of Romania.

They can never work genuine miracles, but it is only through illusions that they deceive eldee unfaithful and the ones of weak faith.

And it also says: The truths expounded by these two councils have helped to uphold the Church against the theological distortions which have been brought to bear over the elddr years—first in the West, and soon thereafter in the East.

Gregory Palamas, Archbishop ofThessalonica, the great defender of hesychasm.

On Holy Tradition

Afterwards he was an apprentice for three years to the monk Paisie Olaru, who lived in seclusion at the Cozancea hermitage. Translation from Romanian by Orthodox Advices.

It must be preserved accordingly, because its importance and benefit springs from the relationship that exists between it and Holy Scripture.

These Fathers admonished the faithful of their day to guard themselves from the teachings of heretics, and to fully maintain only the Apostolic Tradition Eusebius of Caesarea, Ecclesiastical History, 2: Temptations come not only from the devil, but also humanly, from the evil intentions and skills, lusts, evil desires, and inner love of sin that proceed from an unclean heart.

It is true that both have remained within a reciprocal unity and intimate relationship—a relationship based upon the fact that both comprise the holy Revelation of God, and are the fount and source of Revelation for us.

Elder Cleopa: On the Types of Witchcraft | MYSTAGOGY RESOURCE CENTER

In our age, some allege that the clergy and ecclesiastical writers alter from day to day the truth of Holy Scripture and the Apostolic Tradition, which in the beginning was authentic and genuine? It tells us to make the sign of the Holy Cross in front of our chest according to the psalmist: One thereby spiritually rejects these virtues by doing much less than one could in fact do.


I cast thee off, Satan, and your honoring, and your service, and I unite with you, Christ!

Some, wishing to justify themselves, say that the enchanter woman is Christian and that she says nothing else but the name of God. He would always portray himself as a worthless person and consistently diminished his deeds and suffering during his life. Emperor Saul was punished by God with the loss of his kingdom and a disgraceful death, for having abandoned God and having resorted to a ventriloquist woman and followed her divination practices I Kings This is apparent from the words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy: There he founded a community of monks with over 80 people.

Then, they should pray as much as possible, with prayers and tears that come from the heart Deuteronomy 4: Witchcraft used to be practiced both among the Jews of the Old Testament, and among the New Testament Christians, until today.

Cleopa (Ilie)

Holy Tradition is the teaching of the Church, given by God with a living voicea portion of which was later written xleopa. Enter the digits, seen on picture: On Marriage and Monastici He was often sought after for advice by various important persons such as politicians and businessman which he received together with common folk.

In Junehe was appointed to hegumen deputy because of abbot Ioanichie Moroi’s poor health.