The current ecorediag metamodel definition cannot be opened in post-Kepler distributions. We might as well use Xcore. This is definitely for a. project, 2 years ago. ties · Renamed projects, 2 years ago. plugin. xml · Migrated EMF metamodel from ecorediag to xcore. Fixes #72, 2 years ago. The diagrams can’t be properly displayed (please see attached file).

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Any model which is in the project is going to be loaded by Sirius behind the scene and its elements will be available in your editors. You can export an existing diagram in several format by right-clicking on the diagram itself.

Which tools shoule i use?

EcoreTools – Graphical Modeling for Ecore

The next page request a project name. To ease the transition both implementations have been provided with EcoreTools 2. I have the same problem, the conversion function of emf models to diagrams is missing in my eclipse.

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The input which is expected when you edit a constraint note is a comma separated list of names representing those constraints. Shortcuts appearing contextually to a given EClass will allow you to quickly switch the EClass to being abstract or interface Exploring Existing Models EcoreTools provides features which are specifically designed to ease the exploration of an existing Ecore model and assit you in creating a diagram to document this exploration.

Working with the Modeling Project What is it? It also provides a table editor to fill the documentation for every model elements and at last but not least it provides a Dependencies diagram you can use to inspect cross EPackage dependencies. For example, activating the Documentation layer will transform the shape of all the model elements to add a red border if it is not documented.


User Guide

Several layers are provided by the editor. Any constraint which is already defined in the model will be automatically imported in the diagram. This controls what kind of representations you can create on the Ecore models inside the project. EMF meta-model creation tips. Validating the model If the layer Validation is enabled, then any invalid element will have red borders. The Viewpoints you might enable are:. Shorcuts are available in the palette to create difference kind of EStructuralFeaturesnotably:.

Once you clicked on Finish and the wizard prepared the project, this is what you should have. And i can find the ecore file of my DSL ,which generate by xtext. Each modeling project has a set of viewpoints which are enabled. Two ecoeediag of the created EPackage which is initially displayed as null have to be set through the Properties tab:.

Chapter 1. Create a meta-model for Kermeta programs

To understand what is ecorediqg error exactly, just keep your mouse pointer above the element and the tooltip will provide you a textual feedback. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

To edit an existing annotation or to create a new one, select the corresponding cell and type using the keyboard. At any time you have several means to edit the element properties.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Adding operations, attributes, or references to ecoredixg newly created classes is achieved in the same way classes have been added to the root EPackage, i.


Double click there and it will load your ecore to a diagram. SomeTypeName will set the type of an EAttribute without updating the name. Hovering your mouse over such an EClass to have an explanation of the dependency.

Here is the palette of the Entities diagram editor when both the Design and Review Viewpoints have been enabled. Email Required, but never shown.

Creating a Representation Once the Viewpoints are selected you can create representations: When activating a layer some shapes and colors will changes and specific tools will be available to address your current concern. When used on an EClass this tool will create a new Type parameter.

It contributes a new layer on the Entities diagram to display and edit documentation annotations. The next page request information about your Ecore model.

You can check or un-check each viewpoint individually to enable or disable it, and click OK to validate your choice. Alternative ways to create a meta-model.

It will act as a basic manual roundtrip editor. The project which is going to be created actually is an Eclipse plugin project, the name will be used for the plugin identification. You can use the tools defined in the palette to create new EClasses or EDatatypes:. A Depdencies diagram can be created from en Ecoreeiag when the Review viewpoint is enabled for your project.