Rune Word Recipes added with the v patch +2 to Necromancer Skill Levels. Rune Word Catcher.: Board: Serverlist Tools:: Rune Word Catcher:: Annihilus Calculator:: About. English · French · German · Polish. Runes. El, Sol, Mal. Blizzard had announced 10 new runewords in but three of them were disabled including Plague and Pattern. In these runewords.

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See it in action here. Not all Mace-class weapons can be used.

All Unique Armor Normal: Printable version of this page. Make sure you use the correct one. When creating a Rune Word item, make sure: All Unique Maces Normal, djablo Socketed Items must have the exact number of sockets as the Rune Word formula requires.

If the player puts certain combinations of Runes in the correct order into an item with exactly that number of sockets and of the runfword item type, the item’s name will change into a “unique” runewodd, displayed in gold, and the item will acquire extra powers, depending on the “rune word” that was used.


All Unique Staves Normal: These will not work in mace recipes even though they are listed on the mace page.

Treachery Rune Word

You could, for example, use an Elite Socketed sword or an Exceptional Socketed sword, and you can also runeworc which type of sword is used. The Socketed Item type must be the correct item type for the formula.

For information about Diablo I and Hellfire, visit: All Unique Bows Normal: You can have the correct Socketed item, correct runes and still not activate the Rune Word if you do not socket the Runes in the correct order. You need the right patch for euneword formulae to work.

The Arreat Summit – Items: Rune Words

Diablo II game images are copyright Blizzard. Be careful when using Rune Words formula with Dkablo. All Unique Crossbows Normal: Retrieved from ” https: All Unique Boots Normal: So if you have a Mechanic’s or Jewelers item piece of armor with 2 slots, the Stealth will not work on it because it’s magical.

You can continue to find better Socketed weapons or armor and, with the proper Runes, continue to have this Rune Word bonus applied to better and better Socketed items as you find them. All Unique Belts Normal: Diablo II Items [ e ].


All Unique Daggers Normal: By inserting the correct Runes in the correct order into a specific type of item with the correct number of sockets, it is possible to create a Rune Word Item.

Rune Word failures are caused by using the wrong items, Runes, or Rune order. All Unique Axes Normal, one-handed: All Unique Swords Normal, 1H: All Unique Helms Normal: Each Rune Word has a character level requirement, so make sure your character is at the required level, before you create a Rune Word item and then discover that you can’t use it.

Make sure you read about Hammers above. These Uniques can only be found by B.