In the prologue to Gaelen Foley’s latest novel, Devil Takes A Bride, we see a woman flying for her life. Her pursuers are members of a. Celebrated storyteller Gaelen Foley brings her craft to new heights with Devil Takes a Bride, the seductive tale of a man bent on revenge and the beauty. Devil Takes A Bride is the latest installment in the Knight family saga by Gaelen Foley. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one.

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The left curved slightly higher than the right, giving her a quizzical expression, as though she were perpetually mulling over some intriguing notion.

I do love assassins. I enjoyed his character, especially when he started to respect Lizzie as a person and not just a female that should be all over his hotness.

Devil Takes a Bride by Gaelen Foley – FictionDB

Many of the conflicts, or tropes, I would say, were unnecessary for the overall plot and were written so half-heartedly that they detracted from the story. I have been slowly but surely working my way through the “Knight Miscellany” series, and it just so happens that I enjoyed the books in the same order they were written with the Duke being my favorite, Lord of Fire my second favorite so on and so forth Though they had based their truce on an agreement that what mattered most was the viscountess, Lizzie feared his aunt would soon notice they were entirely engrossed in each other.

Hopefully the next two will be in this same calaber! And let’s be honest, appearance is important, if it wasn’t, most romance novels’ heroes wouldn’t be tall, dark, broad-shouldered, chiseled and handsome. I wasn’t sure how splitting up Lord Alec and Lizzie would pan out but I loved the pairing of the compassionate bluestocking, Elizabeth Carlisle and the damaged rake, Devlin “Devil Strathmore” Kimball on a path of vengeance to avenge his murdered family.


Devil Takes a Bride

I don’t want to spoil much about it cause y’all should read the book without knowing too much. Devlin and Lizzie are both described as having above average intelligence, and they both actually put their brains to good use.

There are many marvelous scenes in the book such as Dev and Lizzie’s first sensual interaction which was filled taked tenderness and a deep trusting intimacy that was a joy to read, or Dev finally coming to terms with his parent’s deaths which was heartbreakingly cathartic.

So many HR’s feed off mistrustful MCs to generate the big Misunderstanding that drives the angst in the relationship. Quotes from Devil Takes a Bride. I was rather sad when Alec hurt Lizzie so badly at the end of book 4, but Dev turned out to be far more than just a consolation prize.

Questioning people and possibly being murdered by known murderers or breaking into their house while they’re away.

Devil Takes a Bride — book review

I like plots with direction and characters with layers and conflicts that matter to the story as a whole. But I gave this four stars, didn’t I? Both Lizzie and Brire come with baggage from their past, but when they are together, the pain of their pasts doesn’t seem to matter as much. Gaelen Foley is an author tskes inspires so much ambivalence in me.

He was the very picture of the tortured hero.

You have a child molester who has a penchant for young attractive men, a rapist, a sharp shooter who happens to have an incestuous affair with his own sister and fathered her child and thinks nothing of killing someone to cover his secrets. I seriously recommend this to fans of Gaelen Foley as well as historical romance readers-trust me, you won’t regret it Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Carlisle edvil everything that Devlin needed and vice versa.

He was so consumed with his plan foleh avenge the deaths of his family that he had lost all self-respect and basically saw the whole thing as a suicide mission. It was mentioned several times, but near the end of the story it was simply dropped and never discussed again. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Devil Takes a Bride seemed to flow together and play out like a movie in my head. Where do I start?



I was hoping that somehow this would take place, or at least give a reason as to why it couldn’t. I adored her all throughout the first four books when she was just a shy, bookish companion to Jacinda Knight, but in Devil Takes a BrideLizzie definitely comes into her own.

They meet when Lizzie writes a letter to Devlin telling him hat his aunt’s health is failing, he shows up to find that she is lying to him. I love that she didn’t judge or put on airs which sometimes comes with heroines who are written as virtuous bluestockings who are leery of men in HR set ups.

It didn’t however take much away from the book, except for being a little annoying, and that is honestly the main reason.

Although a longer book at pages, Gaelen Foley did a superb job of combining the mystery part of the story with the growing relationship between Dev and Lizzie and I was brife til the final page.

Also by Gaelen Foley: I am such a fool for bluestocking ladies. I think Lizzie and Devlin were both decent characters but the murder subplot of Dev’s parents ONLY really interested me in the last act fevil it was also super confusing.