When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also. New electical cabinet with emergencystop. Safety hood with electrical switch. Collets with sleeve S20x2 Drill chuck. Some toolholders and tooling. Add to cart.

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The edge of the bore in the face of the column was carefully deburred prior to inserting the shaft. You were correct about the folder being set as private, but correcting this did not solve the problem.


No movement was detected on the indicator, confirming that the face of the shoulder of the dexkel was true to the journals. Rebuilding an old Deckel FP1. The following photos show further details of the initial condition of the column. Coarse setting of the head was made by hand against a graduated scale, whilst fine adjustment was through worm gearing against gauge blocks and dial-indicator readings. FP 1 Technical specs: I will be sorry to see them go.

The shaft was inserted without the length of square bar attached and the indicator mount on a magnetic base was used to check the shaft for any camming action. Drive System for Head and Table Cleverly arranged so that the table-feed rates were completely independent of spindle speeds, the drive system on the Deckel began with a two-speed, 3-phase motor mounted at the back of the machine on an easily reached, deciel open and height-adjustable deckkel platform. Can you comfortably run a 2″ carbide insert cutter on tool steel with an FP1?

Besides normal horizontal and vertical milling operations, all models were available with a range of accessories to cover slotting, jig boring, jig grinding, spiral milling and punch milling. Buying used FP1 often is an occasion, cheap and has the advantage of immediate availability. So from here on you will use the front face of the column as a reference plane?

Selection was by a knob on the right-hand face of the main body. As late ason the 50th anniversary of the Company, the brochure was almost entirely devoted to camera-associated products – and it was not until the late s that production of machine tools expanded significantly. Originally Posted by dcsipo.


Deinze, Belgium dealership location. Fitted with a 40 INT nose the head could be swivelled 45 degrees either side of central and, because the unit was self-motorised and did not require connect to the horizontal spindle-mounted drive gp1, the base was able to be made extra long to provide a useful 7.

The head could dekcel swivelled 45 degrees either side of central. Tags for this Thread deckelfp1fprebuildingsymbol. I don’t consider the FP-1’s as “workhorse” mills, but they are surely powerful for their size. The bright side is Both my Deckel and it’s Dividing head went cheap.

The kit is built with linear guides and ball screws very solid and clean. Note the very large micrometer dials and lack of a “Stickshift” table control lever.

I think I concluded that you have to start by removing top shaft with the long gear that the horizontal head engages with first and then remove the two lower shafts. Results dwckel to 2 of 2. Deckwl Head The swivelling slotting head is one of those accessories that can sit unused on the shelf for months, but, when needed, is an invaluable tool. John, thanks for the FP1 manual downloads; Ddeckel noticed the machine serial number hand-written on the cover of “FP1 Parts” is The main body casting is stamped with the interlaced FD symbol and FP as per the following photo, so I assume that the 44 relates to as the manufacturing date of the original machine.

This first models had its table feed driven by changewheels, with a longitudinal table travel of mm later mm and the direction and engagement of the table power feed left and right and up operated not by the familiar Deckel “stickshift”, but a little lever under the table for deeckel longitudinal direction – and by another on the left-hand side of the machine for the up deckrl the feed in the down direction was by handwheel only.

The machine was intended mainly for the production of stamping dies. Check the address of the dealer. A shear pin, hidden under the rotating spring above the coolant pump, was fitted to protect the table-drive mechanism against overloading. Vermutlich a drckel piece, which we so still not have seen myself. Their specialisation was leaf shutters, using the brand name “Compur”, an item widely used by leading manufactures including Hasselblad inside their “Type C” lenses.


Maker’s countershaft for the FP. Be suspicious of any example that shows evidence decmel rounded nuts, hammer blows to any of the casings or other signs of brute-force intervention – it may have been through the hands of a mechanical incompetent and suffered hidden, serious and expensive-to-put-right damage. Built-in steel rulers were provided for each axis of movement which, in combination with holders to accept dial-test indicators and gauge decckel, allowed high-precision measurements by co-ordinates to be made, independent of the feed screw readings.

The belt passed down the length of the column and drove the spindle head directly with a pair of jockey pulleys keeping it in proper contact in the picture the belt can just be seen emerging from the column housing. Now seriously considering options and checkbook’s getting frightened.

The wear parts are replaced and the machine is checked and ready for use. I’m trying to figure out whether to sell my B-port for room and money for a new mill As can be seen there were a series of scores and a significant band of corrosion.

What do we check?

Deckel FP1 Dividing Head FVT with Handwheel – Niels Machines

I could get the machine with a slotting head, standard vertical head but no dividing attachment or other tooling which I would use. No I don’t need one, got two perfectly functional mills at home, but I want a Deckel or the like at home to play with. Esslingerstrasse 7, Oetwil am See, CH. John, I think the problem might be that your photo albums are not “visible” to others.

Save the extra bux and do it right. Bruce, Hopefully everyone can now see some photos. Vertical dividing head with 3-jaw chuck mounted. Lid FP1 angular model, built in with a rigid table, 3-axis digital display, gp1 feed, SK 40 spindle carrier.