Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Method, and Politics in Feminist Literary Criticism: Annette Kolodny: “Dancing Through the. Annette Kolodny quotes. Quote:”Dancing through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism” . Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Annette Kolodny – – Feminist Studies 14 (3)

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Feminist Studies 6 1: Therefore, this will move us to pleasure. Her major scholarly writings examine the experiences of women on the American frontiers and tje projection of female imagery onto the American landscape. If we are going to establish canon functions as a model, we have to forget our own.

Annette Kolodny – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gale Research Company,p. Secondly, readers of texts “engage…not texts but paradigms.

Kolodny suggests that our understanding of the meaning of any text depend on our needs and desires as well as our predispositions. Patterson states that “despite its language and intent, [the essay]…represents classistwhite, and heterosexist attitudes which are common in throufh literary criticism and which contradict the best of feminist thought and the aims of the women’s movement” Patterson, You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Reblogged this on honestlyrefreshing and commented: Following her tenure as dean, which spanned from toKolodny was named College of Humanities Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of Arizona.

A major contribution to the field of American Studies, this book examines both Native American and Euroamerican stories of first contacts between the peoples of the New and Old Worlds.

Book two, “From Promotion to Literature, —”, follows attempts to encourage women to move westward by male writers to western throkgh by the women themselves. It was stipulated that the royalties from this text go to the Penobscot.


ENGL PAB#1: On Annette Kolodny, “Dancing through the Minefield” | A. Lorean Hartness

Over the course of her scholarly career, Kolodny has received grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Ford Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Rockefeller Humanities Fellowship, and others. Since the grounds upon which we assign aesthetic value to texts are never infallible, unchangeable, or universal, we must reexamine not only our aesthetics butas well, the inherent biases and assumptions informing the critical methods which in part shape our aesthetic responses.

This new edition included an interpretive analysis of Nicolar’s text as well as a fascinating history of the Penobscot Nation in Maine. Annette Kolodny – – Critical Inquiry 8 2: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Annette Kolodny

But neither is the text pure; it is also moulded by social relations and customs. Retrieved January 10, In light of the social constructionist view that aesthetic values, as assigned to the literary canon, are in actuality the products of social conventions and values, Kolodny claims that feminist criticism should “discover how aesthetic value is assigned in danclng first place” Kolodny and then assess the socially-constructed reading patterns that lead to those value judgements.

The Nineteenth Century”, examines the dual images of Mother and Mistress in the land, as well as the frustration of the pastoral impulse with the closing of the American frontier and the victory of the industrialized North in the American Civil War.

In other words, we have to forger our history. She questions the basis for judging which works should remain in the canon, which should be added, and which removed.

Kolodny emphasizes Social constructionism in this essay, although she herself never uses the term.

Milena Kostic – – Facta Universitatis 4 1: Fhrough required Address never made public. What makes a text exciting is when it gives us the ability to relearn and refined it.


Judith Kegan Gardiner – – Feminist Studies 8 3: The Twentieth Century”, deals with the increase of industrialization and the yearning both “to return to and to master the beautiful and bountiful femininity of the new continent.

Insofar as we are taught how to readwhat we engage are not texts but paradigms. See full article on Social constructionism Using this theory, social entities are seen as always being in a state of change as society itself changes, and the relationships of the entities change. These two latest books mark the culmination of a scholarly career that began with studies of the American frontiers and moved into breakthrough examinations of trans-Atlantic contacts eancing Europeans and Native Americans.

Rather, they must be taken into the world through activism.

Feminist Criticism in the Wilderness. She outlines a number of changes which can be made to improve conditions and, realizing that any substantial change will require equally substantial money, encourages government reinvestment in higher education. Feminism and the Academic Minefield in the s. Of course, many more women authors have found their ways into the literary canon, and much more feminist literary criticism written by women scholars is being published, much is yet to be settled.

ENGL 810: PAB#1: On Annette Kolodny, “Dancing through the Minefield”

Feminist Criticism Theory and Practice. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In she was elected to lifetime membership in the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. In other words, our history.