Unlike some of the latest stuff from MWP, the interesting thing about Cinematic Unisystem is that, at heart, it’s a simulationist, universal engine. Where can I find the core rules (and hopefully magic system) for the Cinematic Unisystem? I’ve heard that it’s used in Witchcraft, Buffy and. Characters in the Cinematic Unisystem RPG have four basic elements. These full-fledged cinematic heroes have amazing skills and abilities. This is the Type.

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Unisystem games use a point-buy system to generate characters. The system probably won’t work for one-shots as I know few one-shots that ask for more than 20 rolls, thus making it very easy for the players to choose only the better numbers.

Which is a pity, and probably a design flaw. Wushu Open Reloaded Actual Play: This serves to break play into tiers of competency: In Sanity We Trust Productions – our podcasting site where you can cinemtic our dulcet tones, updated almost every week. Heroes are larger than life and capable of amazing feats. Also, as stated above, damages for attacks in Cinematic are set to the average number that the dice would give you if you rolled the damage in Classic Unisystem.

Furtive Little Feelings

Join Date Jan Location where the shadows lie Posts 5, This little tidbit is an effort to make Cinematic Unisystem completely diceless. Cinematic Unisystem A generic CineUni book is one of those things Eden Studios has planned, but given how slowly they produce books don’t expect to see it any time soon.

One is simple, one is more complex. Oh, and as a note? Cinematic Unisystem Where can I find the core rules and hopefully magic system for the Cinematic Unisystem? Friday, 13th May, Unisystem was developed by C.


This has two interesting variations:. Army of Darkness, like the movie, is a bit more comedic but has mass combat rules.

Personal The Tekh Organization. Players can now try to choose a number ‘just high enough’. It adds a bit of strategy and resource management to the game.

Unisystem – Wikipedia

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: All told, Cinematic Unisystem is the simpler version that tries to emulate movies and TV. That is, people on RPG forums profess to being huge fans of these systems, but the actual utility of them, even amongst serious hobbyists at the time, seems like it might be somewhat less. Then supernatural skill level is actually somewhat compressed: Despite the differences the two are still largely compatible, though every Cinematic Unisystem game offers an appendix to convert values from the Classic system, and the Buffy RPG ‘ s Magic Box supplement offers an appendix on converting between the Buffy magic system and the WitchCraft magic system.

That’s what it really comes down to. Drawbacks can be used to gain extra points. Actions are resolved by adding together the character’s relevant Attribute, the applicable Skill, and a ten-sided die roll, plus any modifiers for difficulty; if the total is nine or greater, the action succeeds. Cinematic features a limited set of skills that cover most situations, no Secondary Attributes or Essence, simplified combat and flat damage resolution.

Cinematic Unisystem

Eden Studios games Role-playing game systems Universal role-playing games. One thing to note is that characters will probably be a bit more competent when you’re using this system. Today, the licensed game market seems primarily filled by Margaret Weis Productions, who have recently produced a whole slate of film-and-TV-inspired games: Views Read Edit View history.


It’s at least partially inspired by the “Using cards instead of dice” option in CJ Carella’s Witchcraftpage The interesting thing about the chart is how it scales. Cinematic Unisystem was designed to mimic the “cinematic” exploits of characters.

The 3-number buffer was added to prevent players being ‘forced’ to spend a number when they don’t absolutely want to. The buffer isn’t bigger because otherwise it could result in a it being a ‘dumping ground’ of low rolls. Their books featured full color throughout, decorated with screencaptures and production photos from the show.

When this pool is down to three numbers, add another set of 20 numbers, etc. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. This site uses cookies. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, After 5, each result covers a 3 point spread.

Attributes represent the character’s main six abilities, which in this case are three physical attributes: It is the same basic system. After some time, a character’s pool is down to, say, 3 numbers.

This page collects my work houserules, conversions for Cinematic Unisystem, the system behind the Buffy: Reset Fields Log in. There is also the newly released Ghosts of Albion that uses Cinematic rules of Buffy with a much better magic system.

At the start of the campaign every player gets a pool of numbers for each of his characters: Essence, or the measure of life-force and magic, is also central to Classic Unisystem play.

Monday, 19th November, If the GM had set the task as a Very Good difficulty, this would have succeeded and would have been, de facto, DC 15, but hey.