I am wondering if there is a safer way to use ColdFusion CFFILE to upload files to Of course, you only perform the image tests if the file uploaded is an image. You may want to use a third party tool like Alagad Image CFC or ColdFusion 8’s built in image support to not only confirm that the file is indeed. On UNIX systems should also restrict access to the uploaded file by specifying the mode attribute, preferably so that only the ColdFusion process can read.

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ColdFusion stops processing the page and returns an error. Very old app, but Jeeze! If you are using the Enterprise edition of ColdFusion you can setup a sandbox for your file upload directory, and remove execute permission.

Nebu 4 DateLastAccessed Date and time the uploaded file was last accessed. FYI you can set accept to.

Make sure you treat whatever uploaded as something potentially malicious and do not process them e. Once you have validated the upload, you can move it to its desired location. Action to take if filename is the same as that of a file in the directory. File status parameters are read-only. Extending the sandbox design: Does anyone have any suggestions for virus scanning on ColdFusion file uploads? Remove execute permissions from upload directories The reason for this should be obvious, but is something we often forget to do.


The following file attributes are puload. The next setting Request Throttle Threshold should probably be lowered to 1MB, this puts any request larger than 1mb into a throttle for synchronous processing.

cffile action = “upload”

A trailing slash must be included in the target directory when uploading a file. For example, if you specify just cffule ReadOnly attribute, all other existing attributes are overwritten. OldFileSize Size of a file that was overwritten in the file upload operation. I also found another posting in this forum that do not suggest the use of CF “accept” attribute.

But I was told I should not even allow user’s file to reach our server. You may also uploav to employ a check of the file extension as an added layer of error checking. Date and time of the last modification to the uploaded file. Allowing someone to upload a file on to your web server is a common requirement, but also a very risky operation.

The question says that he does not trust the onnly attribute. When I upload files, there are two things I always to before it gets to the action page or code block.

Now CFMX code can scan the backend directory and authorize what the user can see. Do not use the file prefix in new applications.

cffile action = “upload”

Each value must be specified explicitly. Directory oly of the file uploaded from the client’s system. This option permits custom behavior based on file properties. ClientFile Name of the file uploaded from the client’s system.


Tips for Secure File Uploads with ColdFusion

Whether uploaded file renamed to avoid a name conflict Yes or No. Use you should limit your uploads directory to only allow static files to be requested. Whether the file already existed with the same path Yes or No. The file status parameters can be used anywhere other ColdFusion parameters can be used.

Name of the uploaded file on the server without an extension. The default mb is probably bigger than needed for most web apps, you can lower it to mitigate DOS potential. Upload the file to a temp folder that is not under the root dir verify the file extension change the file name even if the extension is detected to be a. The full path name of the destination directory on the Web server where the file should be saved. A file upload error happens due to the following reasons:. To refer to parameters, use the cffile prefix: However, it still leaves open the possibility that bad files can ‘exist’ on the server to be exploited outside of being executed by CF.