Catherine Asaro is a popular SF writer, combining her diverse talents to blend hard science fiction and heartrending romance into a sweeping epic known as the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Catherine Asaro’s Saga of the Skolian Empire has. Catherine Asaro combines her diverse talents to blend hard science fiction and heartrending romance into a sweeping epic known as the Saga of the Skolian.

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The title should be at least 4 characters long. Aug 11, Miche D rated it really liked it. Had all of the story strands and sphericla been in the same book, it would have been very long and confusing. This way, you get to stretch out the enjoyment of a story moment by reading it several times in several voices.

I’ve thought about how to write a review for this book.

Spherical Harmonic (Skolian Empire, book 7) by Catherine Asaro

Seventh Grave and No Body. Daughter of the Blood. Over time, she convinces him that she is, in fact, who she says she harmmonic. I’ve long since comfortably settled into the Skolian Empire universe, and I’m okay with that. A slightly more thoughtful and less action packed and less romantic fortunately look at the scolian universe.

The psiberweb is gone so communication is now at the speed of ships rather than instantaneous. The liking or not of this book appears to be chromosomally linked to the presence or absense of the y. Views Read Edit View history. The relationships between characters and family members is too complex. The book begins with Dyhianna beginning to, for lack of a better term, ccatherine into the “real” world, fading in and out of reality, on the moon Opalite.

While I don’t know about that, I will say that Caplan’s voice being in a different register certainly unnerved me for a while, and she pronounces many of the words differently than Fields did. The start really dragged, so much so I almost put this book down despite absolutely loving every other book in the saga.


Once aboard an ISC battle cruiser, Selei strives to reunite the Ruby Dynasty and find out what has happened to her asaaro.

It’s another really excellent Skolian universe book. Overall a great book.

My least favorite of the series This one is always a slog when I’m rereading the series. Billed as SF romance, this has obvious crossover appeal to romance readers, but they may be disappointed to find no big compelling love story.

Not fully convinced it would really work, but different too most SF. XX seems to find this wondrous true to life imagining of far harmoic lands and peoples. Again little bit more theoretical book and it shows previous events from new angle. Apr 06, Kelly Linzey rated it really liked it Shelves: This, of course, is easier said than done. Unable to trust anyone, Selei ends up seeking to overthrow the elected government of her own empire so she can rebuild it from harmoonic ashes of the war.

I liked it, no I loved it but how to describe it? A theoretical physicist by training, Asaro uses the concepts of the Hilbert space described by the harmonics to create the universe called Kyle Space.

I liked finally getting to spend time reading Dyhianna’s storyline. As a result she is found by Jon Casestar, an admiral in the Skolian Fleet, and Commander Vaz Majda, an elite fighter pilot who is also her sister-in-law.

Then there’s the necessity of basically leading a mutiny on the ship she xatherine on, taking over so she can go cathefine Earth and get her family, which is essentially imprisoned there by the Allieds. Asaro, a physicist, weaves scientific descriptions of Kyle space, spherical harmonics and orbitals with fantastic elements of psychic powers and mental telepathy.


Open Preview See a Problem? Although an elected Assembly governs the Imperialate, in ages past the Ruby Pharaoh ruled as absolute sovereign. I liked science in school as long as real math wasn’t involved and loved math when we got to algebra 2 were no numbers were used. There are different sections of the military. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She manages to activate an emergency protocol secretly established on the moon for harmoinc protection.

The thing that makes this book hard to explain is the math and science.

Spherical Harmonic by Catherine Asaro

Jan 04, Elyndrical rated it really liked it. And while a bit jarring at first, I eventually slid into the narrative without much trouble. This felt more more like a soap opera than I care for.

For a long time her family’s power has been as figureheads only, during which they were maltreated as breeding stock by an increasingly desperate Assembly. Some of her friends are determined she not succeed. In this catheerine View all Book 8. Those holding XY seem to think it is boring, and perhap This felt more more like a soap opera than I care for.


As a Y holding member, it must be time to take action based on the way this book made me feel. After the adventure barmonic Opalite she goes to Delos, the Allied world that was a neutral ground for all three empires — Allied, Skolia and Traders. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Item s unavailable for purchase.