The Fatal Eggs [Mikhail Bulgakov, Michael Karpelson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the turbulent years following the Russian. The Fatal Eggs has ratings and reviews. Araz said: لا يستغرق الأمر كثيراً من القراءة في الرواية لتدرك أنك أمام عمل أدبي كبير وكاتب عبقري ماكر. “The Fatal Eggs,” written in , was published in the collection Diavoliada (‘ The Diaboliad’) in Moscow in and fairly enthusiastically received. Bulgakov .

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Bulgakov’s “Fatal Eggs”

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks bulgakiv telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov. As the turbulent years following the Russian revolution of settle down into a new Soviet reality, the brilliant and eccentric zoologist Persikov discovers an amazing ray that drastically increases the size and reproductive rate of living organisms.

At the same time, a mysterious plague wipes out all the chickens in the Soviet republics. The government expropriates Per As the turbulent years following the Russian revolution of settle down into a new Soviet reality, the brilliant and eccentric zoologist Persikov discovers an amazing ray that drastically increases the size and reproductive rate of living organisms.

The government expropriates Persikov’s untested invention in order to rebuild the eggw industry, but a horrible mix-up quickly leads to a disaster that could threaten the entire world. Wells-inspired novel by the legendary Mikhail Bulgakov is the only one of his larger works bulgakkv have been published in its entirety during the author’s lifetime. A poignant work of social science fiction and a brilliant satire on the Soviet revolution, it can now be enjoyed by English-speaking audiences through this accurate new thee.

Includes annotations and afterword. PaperbackModern Voicespages. Published August 1st by Hesperus Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Fatal Eggsplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

Teh all 4 comments. Hasta la fecha no hay libro que me haya gustado tanto como “El Maestro y Margarita”, al que considero una verdadera joya literaria. Ha superado mis expectativas incluso sobre libros como Los Hermanos Karamazov o Stoner, ambos de notable prestigio y belleza. En el caso de este libro, “Los Huevos Fatales” eeggs ha vuelto a agradar su narrativa tan amena y sus argumentos tan originales.

It was written in and first published in The book became quite popular, but was much criticised by some Soviet critics as a satire of the Russian Revolution of and the leadership of Soviet Russia.

The Fatal Eggs can be described as a science fiction novel. Its main protagonist is an aging zoologist, Vladimir Ipat’evich Persikov, a specialist in amphibians. Tatal narration begins in Moscow ofwhich seems to have overcome the destructive effects of the Bulgalov Civil War bulgzkov is quite prosperous.

After a long period of degradation, research at the Zoological Institute has revived. After leaving his microscope for several hours, Persikov suddenly noticed that the out-of-focus microscope eggz a ray of red light; amoeba tge under that light showed an impossibly increased rate of binary fission, reproducing at enormous speeds and egfs unusual aggression.

Later experiments with large cameras — to produce a larger ray — confirmed that the same increased speed of reproduction applied to other organisms, such as frogs, which evolved and produced a next generation within two fatzl. Persikov’s invention quickly becomes known to egbs, and eventually to foreign spies and to the GPU, the Soviet secret service. At the same time, the country is affected by an unknown disease in domesticated poultry, which results in a complete extinction of all chickens in the Soviet Russia, with the plague stopping at the borders of the country.


A sovkhoz manager Aleksandr Semenovich Rokk whose name is also a pun on the novel’s title, Rok meaning fate receives an official permission to confiscate Persikov’s equipment, and use the invention to attempt to restore the chicken populace to the pre-plague level.

However, the bulgalov eggs which are imported from outside the country are, by a mistake, sent to Persikov’s laboratory while the reptile eggs destined for the professor end up in the hands of the farmers. As faatal result, Rokk eygs an enormous quantity of large and overly aggressive snakes, ostriches, and crocodiles which ffatal attacking people.

In the panic that follows, Persikov is killed by a mob — which blames him for the appearance of the snakes — and his cameras are smashed. The Red Army attempts to hold the snakes back, but only the coming of sub-zero weather in August—described as a deus ex machina—puts a stop to the snake invasion. In an earlier draft the novel ends with the scene of Moscow’s complete destruction by the snakes.

Jul 23, MJ Nicholls rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fataal slim sci-fi novel la about a “ray of life” birthing mutant cockerels, snakes, and ostriches which run amok in s Moscow. Biting satirical larks from Russia’s best-ever satirist. This story is included in “Diaboliad” Vintage Classics with other short stories. You might want to save money and get that collection.

View all 6 comments. I ultimately really liked this book. However, it is highly likely that the second half will throw many people off as laziness. The way I see it, there are two possible interpretations one might make of the second portion of this story: I went with the latter given his history.

Dec 15, Vit Babenco rated it really liked it. The Fatal Eggs is fun. In this outlandish novelette Mikhail Bulgakov wickedly satirized the new Soviet soulless bultakov. But behind him a huge olive-coloured coil sprang out of a cellar window, slithered over the yard, covering it entirely with its ten-yard-long body and wound itself round Shukin’s legs in a flash.

It dashed him to the ground, and the shiny rev The Fatal Eggs is fun. It dashed him to the ground, and the shiny revolver bounced away. Bulgajov screamed with all his might, then choked, as the coils enfolded all of him except his head. Another coil swung round his head, ripping off the scalp, and the skull cracked. No more shots were heard in the farm.

Everything was drowned by the all-pervading hissing. Pareciera que el mal es otro cultivo fatal del mismo rayo bjlgakov de la vida-muerte. En Los Huevos Fatales parece operar una especie de tragedia de las equivocaciones. Los nombres de los personajes, su edad, su aspecto, los lugares, las fechas, todo en esta novela ofrece puentes que van del texto a la historia.

Como siempre, la literatura prevalece. Oct 12, W. Mikhail Bulgakov, better known for his work The Master and Margaritadisplays here a satirical and witty discourse that depicts the Russian burocracy and system while foretells the coming of science-fiction themes. The Fatal Eggs was written in but could be very much applied to todays situation in many aspects. In his diary, Bulgakov wrote of it: Or a provocative gesture?


I’m afraid that I might be hauled off Not only a great work of sat Mikhail Bulgakov, better known for his work The Master and Margaritadisplays here a satirical and witty discourse that depicts the Russian burocracy and system while foretells the coming of science-fiction themes.

Not only a great work of satire though; it also shows the knowledge in medicine that the author had. Discovering a scientific treasure, the professor Persikov faal to quietly carry out a series of experiements but, all of a sudden, different people get involved to the point of, by aftal “accident”, making a mistake which soon becomes a catastrophe.

The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov – review

For sure, many links bind this book to other science-fiction works of the time, such as H. View all 3 comments.

This fafal has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sayfa sayfa yukselen bir gerilim ve beklenmedik, on gorulemeyen bir son.

Huysuz, ters bir zoologtur. Gunlerden bir gun laboratuvarinda calisirken inanilmaz bir sey kesfeder. Elektrigin icinde bulunan bir isin.

Bilmem hangi dalga boyunda ki bu isinin altinda canlilar hizla buyuyor ve cogaliyorlar. Gunler aylar surecek gelismeler bu isinin altinda birkac dakikada gerceklesiveriyor hatta hatta canlilarin gelisimleri cok daha oteye geciyor ve devasa yavrular ortaya cikiyor.

Bir denemesinde universiteyi dev kurbagalar basiyor. Kontrolden cikan kurbagalari yakalayip oldurmek bulga,ov Profesor Persikov siyanur kullanmak zorunda kaliyor. Profesor her ne kadar herkesi reddetmeye calissada insanlik o kadar cahil ve ac gozlu ki, Persikov neler oldugunu anlayaba kadar bulgqkov kavusuveriyor.

Ve herkes bu isinin pesine dusuyor elbette. Ve bir gun Profesor pes ediyor ve isini bir salaga teslim ediyor.

Bu isinin daha once bahsetmedigim ozelligi ise su; bu isin altinda dogan ce buyuyem butun yavrular notmalden cok cok daha iri olmalarinin yani sira cok cok ofkeli ve saldirgan yaratiklar oluyorlar. Dev yilanlar kertenkeleler ucaj tavuklar turemeye basliyor her yerde. Halk toplanip okulu basiyor ve doktoru olduruyorlar. Her ne kadar korku gerilim ve bilim kurgu denilebilecek bir kitap olsada Bulgakov gurban oldugum insanligin cok guzel bir fotografini cekmis bu eserde.

The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov

Bireysel cikar ve tatminlerimiz icin nasilda koca koca topluluklari felakete surukluyoruz. Sep 26, Ali rated it really liked it. The Fatal Eggs is a novel which is a kind of sci-fi satire on Stalinist Russia right out of my comfort zone really. I took the book away with me for the weekend, a weekend when I knew I would have little time for reading.

This meant that the first fifty pages or so I read in several short bursts — which made it harder for me to get into it. The second half of the book it is only about pages or so I read it one sitting late on Saturday night in my hotel after a very busy day and I was able to settle into the style a little easier. Overall I enjoyed reading Bulgakov — his is a strange and compelling world, which I know I will be re-visiting especially as I was coincidently given a copy of The Heart of a Dog during the weekend.