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iso – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Safety of Machinery Documents Similar To iso Bs en Iso – Part 2. EN ISO and EN ISO are Type A standards (basic safety standards) and therefore have a dual purpose: they are. BRITISH STANDARD BS EN ISO Incorporating Corrigendum No. 1 Safety of machinery — Basic concepts, general principles for.

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Safety of machinery: EN ISO 12100-1 and EN ISO 12100-2

Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated to the member bodies for voting. Beware, however, that there is a reference to the ‘lowest practicable’ level of risks from hazards, and the standard does not define this term.

Typical causes of hazardous machine behaviour are: Designers’ attention is especially drawn to following ergonomic aspects of machine design: This is because protective measures inherent to the characteristics of the machine are likely to remain effective, whereas experience has shown that even well-designed safeguarding can fail or be violated and information for use may not be followed.

In truth, however, it is likely that almost every machine builder that does not currently own a copy will find something of use in both parts. YES Risk reduction by safeguarding Implementation of complementary protective measures see 6.

As shown in Figure 1, the adequacy of the uso reduction shall be determined after applying each of the three steps of risk reduction described in Clause 6. This requires the use of an alternative protective measure movable interlocking guard, sensitive protective equipment.

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The information for use shall prescribe regular checking of warning devices. Where a programmable electronic control system performs a monitoring function, the system behaviour on detection of a fault shall be considered see also the IEC series for further guidance. Factors to be taken into account when estimating the exposure are, among others, a b c d the need for access to the hazard zone for normal operation, correction of malfunction, maintenance or repair, etc. NOTE Where a mechanical component moves and thus allows a second component to move freely for example, by gravity or spring forcethere is no positive mechanical action of the first component on the second.


Guidance is given on the documentation and verification of the risk assessment and risk reduction process. These protective measures are outside the scope of this International Standard. In order to allow the proper action to be initiated, component failure shall be detected by automatic monitoring see 6.

As the need for frequency of access increases, this inevitably leads to the fixed guard not being replaced.

For some special machinery other protective measures can be appropriate. Risk estimation shall identify where safety-related functions are not separated from other machine functions and shall determine the extent to which access is possible.

Principes techniques ISO In either case, the protective measure can be initiated immediately or delayed until a specific event occurs ns.

For more information about machine guarding, contact Procter Machine Guarding by telephoningemailing or visit the website at www. The concept of safety of machinery considers the ability of a machine to perform its intended function s during its life eb where risk has been adequately reduced. The exact choice of a safeguard for a particular machine shall be made 1210-2 the basis of the risk assessment for that machine.

The occurrence of gs hazardous event can be of a technical or human origin. The two parts of ISO can be used independently of other documents or as a basis for the preparation of other type-A standards or type-B or -C standards. Technical principles The primary purpose of ISO is to provide designers with an overall framework and guidance to enable them to produce machines that are safe for their intended use.


The risk estimation shall also take into account tasks, for which it is necessary to suspend protective ne. Whenever possible, control devices and control positions shall be located so that the operator is able to observe the working area or 121002 zone.

Technical principles, giving advice on how this philosophy can be applied using available techniques. In order to prevent hazardous machine behaviour and to achieve safety functions, the design of control systems shall comply with the principles and methods presented in this subclause 6.

NOTE Isolation and energy dissipation for machine shut-down see 5.

If additional hazards do occur, they shall be added to the list of identified hazards and appropriate protective measures will be required to address them.

Potential consequencesb discomfort; loss of awareness; loss of balance; permanent hearing loss; stress; tinnitus; tiredness; any other for example, mechanical, electrical as a consequence of an interference with speech communication or with acoustic signals. Cycle initiation by sensitive protective equipment shall be subject to the following conditions: These attachments may be, among others,?

It shall also take account of the incentive to defeat or circumvent protective measures when, for example, a b c d the protective measure slows down production or interferes with another activity or preference of the user, the protective measure is difficult to use, persons other than the operator are involved, or the protective measure is not recognized by the user or not accepted as being suitable for its function.

Then, other measures should be applied to achieve the same level of confidence for the stopping or slowing down. Click to learn more. It is identical with ISO Risk analysis YES Risk evaluation see 5.