The compactplus integrates the latest technological advances whilst maintaining simplicity and reliability through maintaining the proven robustness of the. Service Manual Perfusor® compact, german . B. Braun also recommends training on the Technical Safety. Checks, or to perform at least . Perfusor® compact S satisfies all safety stan- dards for medical electrical .. Syringe Type. B. Braun. Code No1). Cat. No.2). Min. Vol.3). [ml]. Max. Rate4). [ml/ h].

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Check labels and readability.

Perfusor® compact

N-Module V Unit connecting lead Perfussor Original test equipment can be calibrated at the works of B. Hold the white board holder on the E-Module when disconnecting! Draw up a 50 ml OPS syringe to 6 ml and insert syringe.

Checks After Repair 5 brain 6 Checks after Repair General Carry out the respective check blocks depending on the activity performed.

Checks after Repair 3. Version number of service program [Version 5.

Insert calibration gauge in the OPS 50 ml slot and compzct syringe holder. Pull off the ribbon cable from the E-Module and the connection cable from the motor.


Spritzenpumpe Perfusor compact

Check the screen display during this time. Note Successful transfer to the progam of calibration data is displayed as follows in the footer: Braaun compact infusion syringe pump User Manufacturer: Is the service cable connection okay?

Pump continues to deliver at Page 22 [Version 2. Distinctive PCA label differentiates from other pumps Alarms are audible and color-coded for easy recognition Syringes automatically recognized for fast set-up 4 hour lockout time capable Flexible mounting options for both horizontal and vertical positioning Clearly recognizable bolus button is differentiated from nurse call button Easy-to-learn, intuitive and user friendly 1,entry drug library available Alarms are audible, clearly visible and differentiated using different tones Strong lightweight pole clamp holds up to three pumps mounted horizontally or vertically Enhance narcotic security and help prevent tampering using: Page 59 Checks after Repair Operation 1.

Table and free type Fig.: Error Messages And Alarms Software Error Messages and Alarms In case of a unit malfunction a continuous signal is activated, and the function processor displays an alarm and an error code. Is the MFC correctly connected? Service Program Alarm Tone 1. Clean adhesive position on new housing and stick type plate.


Page 78 Spare Parts List For your notes: All measured values are to be documented. Note Pay attention to spring when removing the housing cover.

NC battery Braun Perfusor Compact

Page 23 To uninstall the service program incl. Sketch the cable layout. Battery Compartment Cover Unit Elements 4. Page 42 Unit Elements Fig.: Ls-clip Unit Elements 4.

B. Braun Perfusor Compact Plus / KOOP INDUSTRIAL DESIGN

Page 34 Service Program Alarm Tone 1. Page 20 Software For your notes: Function System Overview Function The electronics of the Perfusor compact consists of the following cimpact A-Module with MFC board as the central power supply and interface 2.

Remove cover for drive head housing with toggle, lever and Release shaft release shaft square.