Blofeld Keyboard; Quantum. Software. Waldorf Edition 2. Attack iOS Blofeld Manual (EN) Download (9MB). the Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer. • an external power supply. • a CD-ROM with the complete PDF manual and other tools. • a printed Quick Start manual. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual • Waldorf Musical Instruments.

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Waldorf Music GmbH, Neustrasse 12, D Waldorf, If you decide to read the following manual we promise you a Germany lot of fun while reading about and working with the Waldorf Blofeld.

Content Multi Part Parameter Content Receiving System Exclusive Mabual This manual was written to help you to become familiar Highlighted Control Features and Parameters with the Blofeld synthesizer. It will also aid experienced users with routine tasks.

Please read the following safety tips carefully! Any other use is prohibited and voids the warranty extended by Waldorf Music. Waldorf Music is not liable for damages due to incorrect use.

It will problems with data transmission. Setup and Connection behaviour to this in the Global Menu. Please refer to the corresponding chapter. To compensate this limitation, we added these buttons to enable you to reach more keys that physically accessible. The Blofeld ist equipped with a power switch. It only filters out all patches not belonging The Blofeld offers a special function to enable easy to the selected category.

Scrolling through patches searches for sounds of similar categories. Basic Operation as the value 0 is reached, the sweep is stopped for a short section button until the Waleorf for Filter 2 lights up period to make it easier to edit the Blofeld.

With the first endless rotary you can now change Editing Parameter Controls the Cutoff parameter of Filter 2. Use the left manuall parameter dial to edit the You can edit the parameters while holding the Octave parameter of Oscillator 1.

Now you should be able to choose the 5 edit levels with Release the button waldorg end the parameter the navigation buttons viewing. Basic Operation Use the Selection dial to select the mneu You can only view the original settings. No Edit the program name if wished. The Waldorf Blofeld offers a 16 part Multi mode. As soon Multi Volume is used to set several Multi programs as you want to do multi track recordings in a studio, you The display shows you the actual part dial This Volume parameter sets the maximum output in the left top corner.

Waodorf setting is recommended for a Multi that is of —12 means that the Instrument sounds one octave lower intended for use in a live performance. Determines if incoming USB messages are received or ignored.

Only notes with a key number lower or equal to mamual selected value are vlofeld through. Set this parameter to G8 if you want to use the full keyboard range. Overview of Functions are designed to manipulate or modulate the sound generating components to add dynamics to sounds. The following pages describe all parameters periodic or recurring modulations while Envelopes are in detail. The LED of harmonics of the fundamental frequency present.


A modulation or as FM Source. The following parameters refer to walrorf selected oscillator. The audible result of detuned oscillators is a Chorus or Flanger effect.

Sound Parameter modulations while high settings might add a bell waveform other than Pulse or the wavetables, this character to the timbre.

The following picture illustrates the effect of the pulsewidth parameter: The Waldorf Microwave Oscillator 3 and Sync is activated. When notes, use the Modulation Matrix and apply enabled, Oscillator 2 acts msnual a slave that is controlled by Keytrack to the respective oscillator FM with a Oscillator 3, the master.

Blofeld Pictures & Manual

Apply a slow clocked LFO to Oscillator 2 decaying volume envelope for the selected Sound, pitch and the arpeggio starts to move. Sound Parameter character to the sound. High values will result in a long Please note that the chosen number of unisono glide time of up to several seconds which can be useful voices will respectively lower the number of for solo and effect sounds.

Sound Parameter decrease the amount of signal that feeds Filter 1. If set to Ring Modulation can result in unwanted low mid, both filters will receive the same signal level. If set to frequencies when the pitches of oscillator 1 and 2 F2 63, the signal is sent to Filter 2 only.

Sound Parameter and notch filter types, and the delay length of the comb Colourizes the noise signal. A value of 0 produces White When a low pass type is selected via the Type Noise while positive values lower the bass area.

Sound Parameter the sound character gets thinner. Use these filter Sound Parameter words, the signal will remain clean. Increasing the value manul bring in more and selected filter. Sound Parameter source, i. By means of these controls you can selected filter.

Please refer button shortly if Auto Edit is set to on or for some time if to the Appendix for detailled explaination of all the types. Sustain and Release are accessable directly via the parameter controls. As soon as this level is Switches between the various envelope types.

Waldorf Blofeld User Manual

Please refer reached, the envelope goes into the Release phase. This to the Appendix for detailled explaination of all the types.

If you need a modulation with See Shape 1. Pressure and Polyphonic Pressure. Depending on the function type Modulation button shortly if Auto Edit is set to on or for selected, calculation will affect two source signals or a some time if Auto Edit is set to off.

Sound Parameter higher velocities. This gives an atypical character suitable Amplifier Edit Menu for effect sounds. As the Amplifier always works in To understand the operation of this unit, it is important to conjunction with the Amplifier Envelope, this parameter know that the Amplifier Envelope is always acting as a actually determines the envelope velocity amount. The second effect can shortly if Auto Edit is set to on or for some time if Auto be assigned either globally. Sound Parameter back into the comb filter.

This generates a deeper Chorus detuning and colorizes the signal. With extreme settings A Chorus effect is generated by using Comb filters that you can hear a whistling sound which is very generate slightly detuned copies of the input signal and characteristic of a Flanger effect.


Sound Parameter 0… Phaser Spacing Controls the relative frequencies of the allpass filters. A A Phaser is a combination of several “allpass” filters setting of 0 produces a classic phaser, while higher working in parallel. This generates an effect with equally settings spread out the frequencies of the allpass filters.

The Overdrive effect, for example, works great Please note that the setting of the Mix parameter on Organ or E-Piano sounds. Therefore, you can get a very 0… Drive strong overdrive with a low volume when you turn Sound Parameter 0… 0… Overdrive Depth Controls the amount of distortion of the signal. Please Controls the modulation depth of the Chorus effect. Delay This effect type is only available for the Effect 2 unit.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual

Drive Curve Determines the character of the drive. Sound Parameter scaled in note values. The Clock Delay effect depends on 0… Feedback the internal tempo of the Bloefeld which can be found in Controls the amount of signal that is routed back into the the Arpeggiator menu. Determines whether the feedback signal is fed back into the delay line as is, or is inverted beforehand. Sound Parameter metal manuql tile wall. Higher settings make a warm and thick 0… Damping reverb as if the signal were reflected by a uneven surface.

Determines how fast the room simulation dampens the Settings above change the room characteristic even higher reverb frequencies. Sound Parameter split up and repeated rhythmically. As soon as you Arpeggiator release a note, it is removed from the arpeggio rhythm. Conversely, as soon as you add another An Arpeggiator is a device that splits an incoming MIDI note to the existing chord, it is inserted into the chord into its single notes and repeats them rhythmically. Sound Parameter Press and hold the first key of the chord.

After playing all keys, you can arpeggio. The l l l l l l l l l arpeggio starts in the original octave and goes up to the highest octave. Then the arpeggio is l l l repeated. Reset C1s in sequence: When all steps of an arpeggio pattern are played back, the pattern is repeated from the beginning so that the arpeggio Pattern Step 1 waldrf looped. Sound Parameter if you want to only play the “root note” of a chord miscellaneous step data Step in bpofeld bass sound.

The note list is not advanced. Sound Parameter from the original velocity stored in the note list. This glide effect individually. Sound Parameter the step by a maximum of half the clock division.

Global parameters are stored automatically when you You can also send your Blofeld to a qualified Waldorf modify them, so you are not required to save them Service Center.

But be sure we will retain your manually.