Bhrigu Sutras, bhrugu. His famous compilation, Bhrigu Samhita, which contains the predictions for thousands of combinations, is popular even today. There is. The book titled Bhrigu Sutras in English in PDF format. 1Maharshi Bhrigu’s Bhrigu Sutras Introduction The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction w.

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Mars bestows the nature with quick mental activity and extraordinary muscular strength, great organising ability, power for practical execution, independent spirit, force of character, bhrgiu determination, ambition to come out successful in the material field in spite of any opposition, and above all, leadership in all pursuits.

The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. It is evident that the Sun alone is not good for the signification of sutraw 4th house.

sytras Note-The eleventh house is a house of gains and all the authorities mentioned above agree with Bhirgu Sutras that the placement of the Sun in this house is beneficial for acquisition of wealth. If the Moon in the Ascendant is in Aries, Taurus or Cancer, the native will be well versed in shastras H indu religious scripturesbhtigu, happy and soft spoken.

Other Views B rihat J atak-The person will suffer degradation. The fact that has since been 12 universally accepted is that Rahu Ketu are celestial points on the Zodiac with regulated movement and orbit and they have a distinct and predictable influence in horoscopes. V enus bhrig Saturn are his enemies. It has only the direct motion. When afflicted, Venus produces unsatisfactory domestic conditions, anxiety in love, difficulty with friends of through finances.

Perhaps the Sun will not allow him to accumulate wealth, B sugras Sutras-has given great importance to the position of the lord of the 4th house in delineating its effects. W e feel that a planet who is source of light and life to the universe and who represents the creator B rahma, should not be termed as a malefic planet although there is no doubt that he is a hot and cruel planet. This disposition will also cause ill health as sufras Sun signifies vitality and his affliction will weaken vitality and consequently the native will suffer from ill health.


It may be imagined as a belt in the heavens about 15 degrees wide in which the planets travel. If the Sun is in conjunction with malefics the native will incur wasteful expenditure and will be deprived of bed comforts. It is stated in Sutras that if the lord of the sixth is in conjunction with a benefic the results will be a the native will enjoy good health 6 there will be an increase of enemies. I n his twentieth year the native will suffer from eye diseases, but if the Sun is aspected by a benefic, he will not suffer from eye afflictions.

J upiter makes one law abiding, true, honest, sincere and dutiful.

Bhrigu Sutras.pdf – Veda

Chapter IV Effects of M ars in the twelve houses. The second house is ssutras significator of wealth. Other Views- B rihat J atak-The person concerned will be endowed with children, wealth and happiness. They do not contradict the views given by Bhrigu Sutras but supplement them. If the Moon is aspected by or associated with a benefic or benefics the native will do good to others.

He will then become respected and successful, will be learned, attain a high position and will sutrass valorous. The book is known at least by three different names: A well placed and well aspected Mercury represents a bhriu political brain and intellect, a logician with learning and discretion.

Of course in such a situation there should not be any malefic influence on the Sun.

J upiter also indicates how far one will respect the elders, preceptors and religious scriptures. Their waists will be xutras. H e surtas have meagre wealth because of the affliction by aspect of the 2 nd house which is the house of wealth D hana B hava. Saravali-N ative will get all comforts of life and happiness, will have friends and will be wealthy.

H e may turn out to be the worst type of sexualist and satisfy his sexual urges in novel ways.

Moderation of Questionable Content Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu. H e wutras also lose his paternal property. The first 3 degrees of Taurus constitute Moon’s exaltation portion and the remaining 27 degrees portion is her Mooltrikona.

He will waste his money on undesirable purposes, he will be sinful and will incur loss of wealth. It can be boldly asserted that a careful study of the book will give great insight into the subject of A strology and skill in prediction. H e is debilitated in Pisces, the lowest debilitation sutrws being 15 degrees of Pisces.


Bhrigu Sutra – Article Tag – Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar

The native will be unfortunate and will get unhappiness on 41 account of the loss of his parents early in his life.

He will not, however, bhigu well off financially. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will be learned. V enus rules the skin, throat, veins, ovaries and internal generative organs and these are adversely affected by over indulgence in amusements, eating and drinking.

M ercury is the chief governor for education and uncle. M ercury and Saturn are 1 friends of V enus.

The Sun in the 11th according to Sutra 96 gives substantial income from agricultural operations. If the Sun be in Capricorn, the native will suffer from heart disease. For a planet to give good sufras it is very necessary for the lord of the sign in which it is posited, to be strong and well placed.

Full text of “Bhrigu Sutras”

N ot bad off financially as her horoscope was otherwise goodshe had a very disturbing domestic life and had absolutely no peace of mind. H e will always be in difficulty. It is nearer to the Earth than any of the other outer planets like J upiter, Saturn etc.

Difference of effects when Sun is in own sign, sign of exaltation, enemy sign etc. Saravali-The native will be unhappy, without wealth and conveyances, paternal house. Sun represents health, the vital principle, general prosperity and high office, positions of rank and title, government affairs and officials, new undertakings, publicity, popularity, superior or proud and haughty persons.

V enus is the brightest planet in the solar system. Science and medicine, insurance and commercial travelling often engage their attention, also affairs of philanthropic, charitable and religious or benevolent import.