BHEL Haridwar block 2 heavy fabrication, training report Summer Training Project Report on EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION OF BHEL EMPLOYEES. This project report has been made as a part of the industrial training the least; I would like to thank all the staff members of B.H.E.L. Block-4, Ranipur, Haridwar. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-4 CIM (Coil & Insulation Manufacturing) & ACG (Apparatus control Gear) v. .. undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar.

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The individual turn of coil are insulated against each other by interlayer insulation. Helium leakage test After thermal shock test bar is tested for any leakage with the help of helium gas. To ensure the perfect link between core and rotor. Bearing have provision for vibration pickup to monitor shaft vibration.

The two halves of the bar are overlapped over each other and a spacer is placed between the two -halves. The top strip are provided with axial slots of same cross-section and spacing and used on the rotor winding. Bay 1 and 2: We have for RC bock and diode circuit.

These include high voltage power, distribution transformers, instrument transformers, dry type transformer,SF6 switch gear, capacitor and insulator,etc.

After cutting the required deport of conductors, the conductors are arranged on the comb in staggered manner and then bends are given to the conductors with the help of bending die at required distance. Also in order to prevent used hydrogen from generators, casing, and sealing system is used haridwad provide oil sealing. Metering and supervisory equipment. Today, with 20, MW per annum capacity for power plant equipment manufacturing, BHEL’s mammoth size of operations is evident from its widespread network of 17 Manufacturing Units, two Repair Units, four Regional Offices, eight Service Centres, eight Overseas Offices, six Joint Ventures, fifteen Regional Marketing Centres and current project execution at more than project sites tarining India and abroad.


The transposition provides for mutual neutralization of voltage induced in the individual strands due to the slots cross field and end winding field.

BHEL REPORT | juhi agarwal –

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Segments are stamped out with accurately finished die from the sheets of cold rolled high quality silicon steel. Further these half turns are brazed in series to form coil on the rotor model 4. This type of insulation is more reliable for high voltage. Respect for dignity and potential of individuals.

The bearings are provided with suitable temperature element due to monitor bearing metal temperature in operation. To prevent the potential difference and possible corona discharges between the insulation and the slot wall, the section of bars are provided with outer corona protection.

To keep the temperature cross section of the conductors could not be increased but this would introduce another problems. The system is capable of performing following system — 1.

Bhel Haridwar- Training report – 800 MW bar CIM block 4 (EEE)

Loyalty trainimg pride in the repoft. Two computerized test beds to test large size generators up to MW. It reort also placed at 4th place in Forbes Haridsar Fabulous 50 List of Thermal Power Station Plant. The coil are wound that two poles are obtained. The inner cage is usually fixed in the yoke by an arrangement of spring to damper the double frequency vibrations inherent in two pole generator.

The pressing of overhang portion is carried out on special ring type hydraulic press, whereas slot portion is pressed manually with the help of slot wedges. Kollmann rotor slot milling machine up to maximum barrel length of mm, barrel diameter of mm and rotor byel of tones. To provide mechanical support ii. Rotor inside the stator at standstill. When rotor is rotating at high speed, the centrifugal forces tries to lift the winding out of slots, they are contained by wedges.

BHEL, completely owned by the Government of India is an integrated engineering complex consisting of several plants of India, where about 70, workers are employed in the design and manufacturing of heavy electrical equipment.


Bar bhl is done with epoxy mica thermosetting insulation. Help Center Find new research papers in: Its operations are spread over 11 manufacturing plants and number of engineering and service divisions located across the country. The pilot exciter is a PMG permanent magnet generator. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The brushless exciter mainly consists of: The press ring is bolted to the ends of core bars.

This procedure for measurement of DC resistance of stator and rotor winding of T. But the temperature must not be allowed to become too high, otherwise difficulties will be experienced with insulation. To make efficient use of the higher ash content crash coil manufacturers MW nuclear naridwar generator sets and has commenced the generation of MW nuclear turbine generator head discharge combinations are also engineered reeport manufactured is equally competitive.

Before insulation on with varnish each segment is carefully debarred. The company has been earning profits continuously since 72 and paying dividends since which is a reflection of company’s commendable performance throughout. Cg — capacitance with respect to ground called ground capacitance. To make efficient use of the high ash content coal available in India, BHEL supplies circulating fluidized bed boilers to thermal and combined cycle power haidwar. It is engaged in the design, engineering, manufacture, construction, testing, commissioning and servicing of a wide range of products and services for the core sectors of the economy, viz.

Impregnation and baking a Thermoreactive system In case of rich resin insulation the bar is pressed hariwar closed box in heated condition and baked under pressure and temperature as per requirement for a given period.