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In general, empirical MFDs exhibit scatter that leads to a range of observed flows for any given accumulation, which leads to uncertainty in the estimation of the descriptive parameters 18— Magnetic clamping device with 2 pairs of magnets for 2 cube moulds or 1 beam mould Greatly sound-reduced approx. Yet, for most novel policy measures and mobility services, their respective use and impact is still unclear.

Mould release pistol for: Given the observed structural differences, the environmental impact of free-floating car-sharing is yet to be determined. The control unit is mounted on the control cabi- net, with all elements for operator-control actions and for open and closed loop functions. We use a valid set of instruments to account for endogeneity and show that income differences are underestimated in the gravity and spatial models if assumed exogenous. The findings suggest, that bfe schemes indeed attract different user groups and are also used differently.

The indexes for walkability proposed so far refer merklatt to the closest amenities and public transport stops and the existing network structure. The approach is compared with a different approach from Germany of the same purpose, the estimation of travel time losses in the form of generalized costs. And with a maintenance contract you are on the safe side. Transport land-use models can benefit from the inclusion of points of interest, such as schools, network distances, and the distance to previous locations.


We find that the average betweenness centrality in a network seems to be a very clear metkblatt for the level of traffic performance. In much of Switzerland, public transport offers high levels of accessibility to workplaces and other places that make season tickets legitimate substitutes for a car.

Here it could be shown that due to limited source mechanisms and the specific morphological conditions in the North Sea no dedicated measures for protection against tsunamis in the German Bight are necessary.

Traffic is multi-modal in most cities. This note updates the first detailed analysis of response burden and response rates reported in Axhausen and Weis The data used are stated choice data sets collected by the IVT, ETH Zurich which comprise of mode choice, mwrkblatt choice, brs choice, carpooling, car sharing, etc experiments. An efficiency balance emerges when testing the dependency on sensor size and evaluating sensor reliability; we find that substantial and reliable lead-time could be attained by monitoring only 0.

Estimating the travel behavior impact of these systems therefore requires quantitative data. We also present a comparison of their VTTS, travel time and cost elasticities. The uncertainty in the estimation of the macroscopic fundamental diagram MFD under real-world traffic conditions and urban dynamics might result in an inaccurate estimation of the MFD parameters—especially if congestion is rarely observed network-wide.

The variables that their inclusion in the regression model is investigated, correspond to only aggregated values where no personal data information can be traced back. And of course the relocation of machines is also one of our services.

The question of the real number of long-distance journeys remains unanswered without additional data sources. In the recent years, there have been a growing interest in understanding and forecasting joint travel-related decisions, that is, decisions taken by several individuals together, including binding agreements. A potential tool is agent-based simulation. Simulation models of influenza spread play an important role for pandemic preparedness.


A number of transformations were performed on some of the variables, improving the model fit significantly, and reducing the number of variables. The strongest socio-economic factor explaining choice behavior is education: Consequently, there is a need of reliable long-distance travel forecast tools.

Prof Dr Kay AXHAUSEN – Future Cities Laboratory | ETH Zurich

Although such an arrangement is not unusual, this large-scale study — with around respondents — reported nearly 15, social contacts. The data used are stated choice data sets collected by the IVT, ETH Zurich which comprise of mode choice, location choice, parking choice, carpooling, car-sharing, etc experiments.

Egocentric social network analysis SNA allows one to gather data about where and with whom individuals undertake their social activities.

Volumen pro Kammer Liter Innenabm. Due to the high response burden and memory issues, respondents are known to underreport the nr.8 of journeys.

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Andererseits ergab eine Simulation, wie viele Fahrgemein- schaften sich unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen bilden lassen. The tests can be performed in water or water vapor.

The network models are artificially created to avoid a bias in the results due to history.