La Sonnambula (Vincenzo Bellini): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. di Felice Romani ; musica di Vincenzo Bellini. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Two acts; “Elenco dei libretti “–back cover. Libretto. Sheet Music – £ – Bellini, Vincenzo – La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera.

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Sie zittert …, wankt … Erstickter Schrei des Entsetzens Ach weh! Di fronte una finestra: In fondo al Teatro si scorge il mulino di Teresa: Io lo leggo ne’ tuoi sguardi, Nel tuo riso lusinghier!

La sonnambula – Wikipedia

Weinstein’s account of performances given charts those in the 20th century beginning from In an aria finale, Amina expresses her joy: Amina erscheint in einem einfachen, weissen Gewand. Amina is seeing coming out of a window of the mill; asleep, she walks across the frail bridge over the water-wheel which turns quickly below sonnnambula, threatening to crush her if she takes a false step.

Du allein bleibst, um mir beizustehen. LISA beiseite Auch er! Altro voto, o traditrice, Non temer dal mio dolor. The crowd is then distracted by the sight of Amina walking across the roof of the mill. Non potea favor superno Riserbarlo a ugual piacer.

La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera

Let the Count deny me if he can. Esce Lisa dall’Osteria, indi Alessio dai colli. Libretgo vertraut sich uns an, er verspricht, wir haben gewonnen … Versuchen wir’s! The lovelorn Alessio arrives, but she rejects his advances. Rodolfo realizes that Amina is sleepwalking and, moved by her somnambulistic declaration of love, he leaves her on his couch. ALL Oh, librettp of love! Learning of the impending marriage, Bfllini confronts Lisa, who says that she has never been found alone in a man’s room.


E me tu lasci Senza un tenero addio? Entweder wir zeigen uns oder wir verschwinden. This handkerchief was found in the bedroom of the Count. CORO Fauste nozze qui si fanno. You died as did our love that only lived for a day.

The blow will kill her. We’ll renew our former vows. She enters the room, walking bwllini her sleep, all the while calling for Elvino and asking where he is. Langsam kommt sie in die Mitte des Zimmers. Rodolfo va a chiudere la finestra.

OPERA-GUIDE: La Sonnambula

In bianco avvolta lenzuol cadente, Col crin disciolto, con occhio ardente, Qual densa nebbia dal vento mossa, Avanza, ingrossa, immensa par. I am without blame. Lisa, Alessio, Elvino and the villagers are in the square.

Ei ti stringea la mano, Lobretto ti facea carezze Innocent Amina, so dear to us, made lovelier by your grief. Elvino is jealous of the stranger’s admiration of Amina; he is jealous even of the breezes that caress her, but he promises her he will reform. As can be seen in the list in the “Recordings” section, live performances in the s there being two by Callas in those years and from the s have been recorded on CD and DVD.


Rodolfo va per uscire dalla porta: He has decided to marry Lisa, who publicly rejoices in her good fortune.

Adelson e Salvini Distant still, steep and rocky, is the road up to the castle. Dear mother, embrace me Son geloso del zefiro errante Che ti scherza col crine, col velo; Fin del sol che ti mira dal cielo, Fin del rivo che specchio ti fa. A stranger arrives, asking the way to the castle. ALL Yes, be silent. Elvino kneels at her feet.

La Sonnambula

Duet finale, Elvino and Amina: Elwin weiss nicht, wem er glauben soll. Published by CD Sheet Music. On their way to ask the count to attest to Amina’s innocence, the villagers rest in the woods and consider how they will express their support to him: Ah mi abbraccia, e sempre insieme Sempre uniti in una speme, Della terra in cui viviamo Ci formiamo un ciel d’amor.

Er ist es nicht, nein, er ist es nicht. Er kann dir den Frieden und ihr die Ehre wiedergeben. LISA Eccovi il mio. Heaven, guide her wandering steps.

Teresa nimmt Amina mit sich fort.