Description. Stems: Solitary, upright, to 20 m tall and 60 cm in diameter, ringed with oblique to undulating leaf scars. Leaves: Pinnate, reduplicate, to 10 m long, . Jul 26, The Corozo Palm Attalea cohune is a prolific, and at times dominant, species in humid lowland biomes of Central America. The eastern. any info on cold/dry heat/ Attalea cohune? thanks guys.

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Attalea cohune – Wikipedia

My seeds germinated attaleea F temperatures, so this seems to be a palm that is unhampered by cool nights and doesn’t need to be in Florida to grow. Even small, young cohune palms can tolerate full sun. Palm wine is produced from the sap of the heart of the cohune. Datasheet Description Click on the “Nutritional aspects” tab for recommendations for ruminants, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, fish and crustaceans. Juvenile palms are uniquely protected from frosts, because the trunk remains underground for many years.

The corozo palm nuts are processed chiefly by the soap industries. The resulting oilcake is highly palatable.

Attalea cohune – Palmpedia – Palm Grower’s Guide

Dark Green, Atttalea Cleaning: Steve, Gary Woods up at the soon-to-be-history South Coast Palms has some gigantic Attalea up at his place, but I’m not sure which one. Additional comments Attalea is a large genus that combines several previously separate genera including Maximiliana, Orbignya and Sheelea. Posted 11 Dec Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.


You’ll find photos in this thread: It was pretty small though. Posted 14 Jun Cohune palms aattalea a dramatic statement in areas containing large open space.

any info on Attalea cohune

The adult cohune palm is considered one of nature’s most majestic and dramatic palms and thus is quite popular with collectors.

I found seeds on the ground in Nosara, Costa Rica, which is mostly deciduous dry forest, totally defoliated during the dry season, extremely dry and hot, and very wet and green during the rainy season.

Up to 10 m 32 ft Leaf Color: Midrib prominent and transverse veinlets distinct. The Attalea cohune Mart. The cohune palm is a valuable source of oil and was one of the most important trees in the Mayan culture. Views Read View source View history. The cohune palm grows well in full sun. Palmisland, those are some cool pics of wild specimens. Common name cohune palm. Up to 12 m 40 ft Growth Habit: Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions.

This giant palm is perfect for tropical or subtropical climates, in a large yard, Mediterranean style mansion, or along boulevards or driveways. It had no trunk yet but 20ft leaves and it flowered. You’ll find photos in this thread:. References Squibb et al.


The seeds, cleaned and polished, are utilized for trinkets or for realizing small handicrafts. The huge leaves are utilized by the natives for roofing the houses and the pinnulae of the leaves of the young plants are used for fabricating the typical sombreros. Up to 75 mm 3″ Ovoid, Fruit Color: Corozo meal is chiefly used for cattle.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. There used to be a large specimen here at Leu Gardens. The Attalea rostrata would defoliate below around 27F but quickly grow back. Fallbrook I was nursing along a seedling outdoors, in a pot, for a few years, but this last winter whacked it. Old names; Orbignya cohune, Orbignya dammeriana, Orbignya guacuyule, Cocos guacuyule, Cocos cocoyule.

USDA Zones 9 – May be confused with Other members of this genus, but few are cultivated ornamentals because of the large size of these palms. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It requires a full sun exposition on draining soils, possibly sandy, and a great availability of water; it bears even moderately saline soils and therefore it may be employed in proximity of the sea.