Hampstead, London, N.W.. The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. Their History and Civilization. By Rudolf Steiner. Translated by Max Gysi. GA and Lemuria were envisaged by Steiner and Scott-Elliot to have lain in the Atlantic Rudolf Steiner (, ) wrote about Atlantis and Lemuria based on. The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria Their History and Civilization By Rudolf Steiner. Translated by Max Gysi GA On-line since: 15th August.

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Use this steinef to go to ” Steiner Static, Part I “. And one can only understand all that is spiritual in the correct sense if one first examines how this spiritual element operates within people precisely through the color of their skin.

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To visit other pages related to this page, use the following links: The problem with all the maps that have. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? He would otherwise have spent all the intervening time in a much more ans way; but as it was, he passed through it more materially. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

He maintained that material science could never comprehend the whole of nature, as it excluded the realm of the spirit. Dinysio Odinysio rated it really liked it Jun 12, To view it, click here. No trace of Atlantis has ever been found. Steiner believed that human beings had evolved to the point where material existence had obscured spiritual capacities and that Christ had come to reverse that trend and to inaugurate an age of spiritual reintegration.


These remarkable “lost” root races developed the first concepts of “good” and “evil”, manipulated the forces of nature, laid the groundwork of all human legal and ethical systems, and defined and nurtured the distinctive yet complementary powers of men and women that brought humankind, many centuries ago, to its highest artistic, intellectual, and spiritual attainments.

The above-mentioned density of air is as certain for occult experience as any fact of today given by the senses can be. The foundation of his researches was the “science of the spirit” that he called anthroposophy.

Atlantis and Lemuria – Rudolf Steiner – Google Books

Donna rated it it was amazing Sep 12, Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. We had flying automobiles and attractive wooden houses. After all, the earth at that time did not yet have its later density. As today one extracts the energy of heat from coal and transforms it into motive power for our means of locomotion, the Atlanteans knew how to put the germinal energy of organisms into the service of their technology Interesting information brought through in an earlier energetic time early 20th century.

Eternal truths are easy, two plus two is four, you throw a ball up in the air on the planet Earth in it’s current state with it’s current gravity and the ball falls back down. Steiner taught that a small part of the Lemurian population — the superior part, the most capable of evolving properly — left Lemuria and settled on Atlantis.


Such human beings could [use] the fiery spark of the I So there you have it. No trivia or quizzes yet. But Lucifer fouled things up for us on Lemuria, and Ahriman the arch-demon of Zoroastrianism played a similar, subversive role on Atlantis.

Account Options Sign in. And then we blew up Lemuriadestroying it utterly. Thus, the feminine aspect of God is the Spirit that delivers the Word to humanity. lemurai

Lemuria nearly filled today’s Indian Ocean. Pearl Mateos rated it liked it Jun 24, One way of looking at Parmenides represent! Why would two and not one? The greater the power became, the more he wanted to exploit it for himself. Thus the Atlanteans could control what one calls the life force. How the bits of matter in our heads produce a self-aware being atlxntis fully understood.