Hosted & written by Nick Corcodilos Sponsored by The Ask The Headhunter blog is a close look at what helps and hinders. The latest Tweets from Ask The Headhunter (@nickcorcodilos). Host of Ask The Headhunter, author of Fearless Job Hunting, How to Work with Headhunters. Nick Corcodilos: The problem is there are too many people who call themselves headhunters or recruiters – when they don’t really recruit.

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Ask The Headhunter Dec No headhunter, no career coach, no counselor, no HR manager, and certainly no job board can deliver the security that you get with a contract. Ask The Headhunter Nov Managers often go through a series of useless questions instead of cutting to the chase and testing whether a candidate can actually do the job, writes Nick Corcodilos.

Ask The Headhunter Oct Job offers often come with the requirement that corcodilso potential employee provide documentation of his headhumter her current salary.


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Understanding the role of recruiters and learning when not to apply for a position could prove beneficial in your job search, writes Nick Corcodilos. No one — not even a spouse — can substitute their experience and judgement for your own during your job search, writes Nick Corcodilos.

Recent headhjnter are eager to do meaningful work that rewards them richly, but career success is earned through patience, dedication and hard work. The best way to handle a complicated story about why your job offer was rescinded is to provide a single reason rather than giving all of the details.

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If you want to negotiate compensation before taking a new job, let the recruiter ask what it would take cordodilos you to accept an offer and be ready to quote the salary range you want. Read Dec 31 AP fact check: Read Dec 31 AP report: Watch Dec 29 Government shutdown: Read Dec 31 House Democrats unveil plan to open government.

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Ask The Headhunter Dec 18 Column: How to avoid burnout when you feel overworked By Nick Corcodilos. Why you should ask for an employment contract No headhunter, no career coach, no counselor, no HR manager, and certainly no job board can deliver the security that you get with a contract. Can an employer demand to see my old pay stubs? Should my spouse be involved in my job search? How do I explain a string of bad luck to an employer?

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How can I negotiate the salary I want? Jump to the First Page Previous Page headhuntr 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 World Dec 31 AP report: Politics Dec 31 AP fact check: Politics Dec 31 Elizabeth Warren makes big move toward a presidential run.

Politics Dec 30 Chief of staff Kelly: