Hi JAVA is a ocean, so as you have going to shown 2+ years of experience you must have The above site is managed by Arul Kumaran, who is well known author for his book Java / J2EE, . Hitesh Kumar, CEO & Founder at Sitesbay. com. Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion [Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, Sivayini Arulkumaran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. + Java/ J2EE Interview questions with clear and concise answers for: job Anuj Kumar. View Arul kumar’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Arul has 4 jobs listed on their profile. GWT, Java and J2EE Developer.

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If you come across a question relating to a new piece of technology you have no experience with like AOP Aspect Oriented Programming or IoC Inversion of Control or a framework like Tapestry, then you can mention that you have a very basic understanding and demonstrate that you are a quick leaner by reflecting back on your past kuar where you had to quickly learn a new piece of a technology or a framework.

The interface inheritance can achieve code reuse through object composition. If you want a class to contain a particular method ukmar you want the actual implementation of that method to be determined by child classes, you can declare the method in the parent class as abstract. Explain the assertion construct? This communication solves the consumer-producer problem. According to Java Operator precedence, which operator javaa considered to be with highest precedence? So care should be taken not to break the implementing classes by modifying the interfaces.

What is a Values Collection View? But if you are using your exception to just control the kumad, which is not recommended, then throw an exception, which is precreated. Only one is visible at any time. The business analysts and the business owners quickly got into work and came up with a requirements list of 35 items in consultation with the external business users such ajva advisors, investors etc.


Identified and fixed some transactional issues for the Endeavor project, which is a web based e-commerce application.

200 LATEST JAVA interview Questions pdf arul kumar

Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. Life cycle involves the following steps:. Did you have to use any design patterns in your Java project? Why is the role of init method under applets?

Swing components that look like native components might not behave exactly like native components. What must be true after a method completes successfully.

If you look at Gang of Four GoF design patterns, you can see that it favors interface inheritance to implementation inheritance. Only repaint method can be explicitly invoked which implicitly calls paintComponent method and only paintComponent should be overridden if required.

This happens behind the scenes using a callback mechanism by invoking the repaint method. External customers 9 Organizational skills. Postconditions can be used with assertions in both public and non-public methods. The List and Set extends the Collection interface.

If a class overrides the equals method, mava must implement the hashCode method as well.

When storing items into a collection define value objects as shown below: We need your help to maintenance this website. What is the order of method invocation srul an applet? The management was impressed with your problem solving, fact finding and analytical skills, which had contributed to the identification of the not so prevalent root cause and the effective communication with the other teams like infrastructure, production support, senior management, etc.


LATEST JAVA interview Questions pdf arul kumar

Yes, use this syntax. What is an enumeration? The method calculateInterest … has its specific implementation in its own class. This is possible because objects are accessed only through their interfaces, so one object can be replaced with another just as long as they have the same type.

Arun Kumar _ Java 5_J2EE Interviews Questions and Answers – Free Download PDF

LF DC A Lays out components from left to right, starting new rows if necessary. CO Returning null instead of zero javz collection use Collections. Binding refers to the linking of a procedure call to the code to be executed in response to the call.

However, it comes at a price.

Usually it takes years to understand all the core concepts and key areas when you rely only zrul your work experience. This is a simple strategy applicable when it is acceptable to show dirty data at times and also the data in the database aril not change very frequently. The new features include generics, metadata, autoboxing and auto-unboxing of primitive types, enhanced for loop, enumerated type, static import, C style formatted output with printfformatted input with the Scanner class, varargs, etc.

We can use the java. Refer Q12, Q17 in Java section.

Arun Kumar _ Java 5_J2EE Interviews Questions and Answers

The other libraries can be learned as and when required. Minimizing any potential memory leaks. These are non-final methods defined in the Object class. The hierarchy diagram is shown below. We obtain this applet context as follows: