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Some general guidance for preparing a compatibility chart is given 14. 4. It isan axiom of chemical process safety that process safety incidents are theresult of management system failures CCPS More complicated explosibility tests need expert advice and special-ized facilities.

The special process feature for case 3 is a relatively high reaction enthalpy in combination witha low maximum permissible temperature Texo. Members of the study group: Failure to achieve this positive atmosphere willresult in low or no reporting of near misses, which may ultimately lead to acatastrophic incident that could have been otherwise avoided. If it gets too hot, the self-polymerization rate increases and theheat of reaction will not be dissipated fast enough to maintain control.

anlage 1.4 trgs 519 pdf

This has been used anlafe develop process-specific information such assafe upper and lower operating limits and operating procedures, and toreduce the risks to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.

The authority having jurisdiction, which initiated the preparation of this guideline, andauthor s assume no liabilities with respect to the multiplication or reproduction of this guideline. It should be noted that a binarychart only considers anlqge of materials and therefore does not cover all pos-sible combinations.


It isessential that safe operating limits be established, documented, and incor-4 Essential Management Practices 99porated into facility or process documentation, operating procedures, andtraining materials.

If the material is handled under different or unusual con-ditions, such as at high pressure or in an oxygen-enriched atmo-sphere, the data may be useless or misleading.

A spreadsheet program can be used 59 capture and display the chartinformation. Ineither case, your management system mustalso include a means of detecting and check-ing any new or variant chemicals brought on-site for the first time.

Identifying changes that may affect chemical reactivity risks is oftendifficult, since subtle differences in operating procedures or in materialcomposition, concentration, operating temperature, etc. It is documented with worked examples inCCPS b. An ethylene oxide industrysafety web page can be found at trgx.

anlage trgs pdf – PDF Files

Also, for some training itis important, or a regulatory requirement, to verify that the training wasunderstood. Depending on the stageof the facility life cycle, the complexity of the process, and the objectives ofthe analysis, the team may include: If testing wasperformed to make a decision about a particular binary combination in a chart, thenreference this test in the chart.

The objective annlage incident investigation is to prevent recurrence of simi-lar events. Other sources of chemical reactivity data areavailable and should be consulted, particularly when suppliers informa-tion appears incomplete, questionable, or contradictory. The line referred to here is the chain of command and authoritythat extends from the operator to the chief executive officer of the com-pany. An important aspect of the company memory is the knowledge andexperience possessed by senior operators, supervisors, and engineers.


Simulate the full-scale reactant addition rates, batch temperatureand time profiles and processing conditions e. Chemical reactivity hazards are the SafetyOffices responsibility should never be heard. A significant gas production need only be anticipated in conjunction with the decompositionreaction of material C.

MSDS chemical hazard information can vary tdgs betweensuppliers. Guidelines for Engineering Design for Process Safety. Others may simply be on call to helpresolve specific issues. Determination of these limits is outside the scope of this publication; refer-ences such as Barton and RogersCCPS a 159 HSE canbe consulted for further information.

The enhancement of chemical reactivity safety knowledge also pro-vides broader benefits. Testing of reactantmixture samples at different conversion stages of conversion show no need to lower Texo andconfirm the reaction enthalpy of the desired process.

These measures must be effective independently of one another. Other trhs as detailed process chem-istry might be considered tooinvolved. The answers to Questions 7 through 11 will likely determine whetherchemical reactivity hazards are present.

The given inequalities are no longer satisfied and additional measures are required. The effects of proposed changes need to be carefully reviewed, newtest data may need to be obtained, and experts may need to be consulted. Your customers may be looking to you as the firstand best source of data and information on the reactive properties of yourproducts. Trends show that groups of the same atom except carbon anlgae carbonatoms with double or triple bonds may be hazardous Leggett