POS Nation offers training videos for Aldelo for Restaurants. This section focuses on software and POS setup. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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To help you read this manual faster, we have introduced some standard conventions to help you distinguish actions, names, and other topics from the normal content. The Hold Until Time field shows the time 35 minutes from the order time.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

The Departure button is now enabled Pow Figure Enter the reason for the void on the following screen. Next, enter the phone number for the customer, If the phone number is not found in the database, you are prompted to add a new customer.

DO NOT use the demo database as a starting point! The kitchen chit prints as soon as you click the Done button on the Order Entry screen.

Here you setup the groups of tables in the different sections of the restaurant. If you operate a chain of restaurants, the finished tax table may be exported so that it may be imported to the systems at your other locations.

For example, to create alddlo pizza with pepperoni on one half and sausage on the other half, click the Half Tab, and then click inside the 1 st Half field. This setting checks the phone number entered to ensure that it matches the proper format, thereby reducing the nanual of incorrect entry.


These values are not pulled automatically from the Postal Code information. If this checkbox is selected, the Forced Modifiers we entered above are sorted alphabetically. The screen displays the ordered items each with a checkbox next to it and the guest check. Click the Print button to print a hard copy msnual the schedule or the OK button to exit. In the Group or User Names list, click on Everyone. Click the Save and Done buttons. Continuing with the order we entered previously, add a baked manula to the order for guest two.

Here you enter the name of the crust and the extra charge if any.

If the button does not appear at the bottom of the screen, click the By: Set the Taskbar to Auto Hide. When the button text says Normal Charges, the price for the toppings is charged proportionally to each portion of the pizza.

All of the checks associated with this table display, allowing the user to select one by clicking it See Figure To hold the order again, the procedure must be repeated. Enter the information from the table below into the Job Titles screen.

The Sort Order field allows us to number the inventory locations in the order in which we want them displayed.

To exempt an order from tax, click the Tax Exempt button on the Misc screen. Click alcelo Percent button. The cashier treats the receipt the same as cash when signing out. You may have given the customer the wrong change, a customer may request change for a dollar, you may need to perform a pay out, etc. Select Cash Tray 1.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual

Navigate to and click on Devices and Printers. Here you may enter general notes about a specific employee. Since we have two diners, click the button once to create one additional check.

The check appears in the Recalled Order screen See Figure Since we do not use any other alcelo for this template, remove the names from the rest of the manul. Ketchup is added to the Menu Modifiers list on the left side of the screen.


These unsupported printers can be setup in the software as long as you have access to the escape control codes. When finished clocking in the owner, clock in the cashier, Joan Brodel access code 3.

ALDELO POS Training Manual – PDF

The Edit Order button does not display on the Recalled Order screen. Click the Clock In button. Using the onscreen keypad that pops up, enter the item weight again 50and then click the button. To change the table number on the check, click the Table button at the top of the Order Adlelo screen. Select the Share This Folder checkbox. Our reservation is for a quarter past eight so click alddlo We will start the tutorial with the configuration of the hardware and network software, followed by the POS software installation and configuration, and finally, the operation of the POS software.

The value entered in this field by Windows is usually correct. Poa the upper right corner of the screen, select the New York Steak by clicking on it. Enter 10 for the Employee Access Code.

Right-click your adapter to display a list of options. Enter the following order into the system to display the Order Entry screen. The Select Customer Attributes screen appears. The New Bar Tab screen displays. Marking an order as complete indicates that the order has been given to the customer.