Akai ASQ10 Service Manual ASQ 10 ASQ Akai ASQ10 Original Factory Service Manual and Schematic Diagrams. Contact us if you don’t see the. Info. asq 10_front. NAME: ASQ TYPE: Sequencer. MANUFACTURER: Akai. YEAR: DAY RATE: WEEKLY RATE: hi – does anyone have or know anyone who has an asq 10 manual? I did DL the MPC manual form , but would.

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Gear in this article: See pictures below for more details. What the Assq unit gives is a feeling of confidence. The ASQ was Akai’s first desktop sequencer and it is still amazing.

Virtual Sounds Technology – Akai ASQ10 Service Manual ASQ 10 ASQ

There can be tempo changes within a sequence too. Non-note events are also editable. It is quite normal to end up with a complete mess that can only be cured by going into the editing procedure. It also has a large screen, and I installed a new backlight when Wkai got the machine so there is no difficulty in reading the screen under any lighting conditions.

Well illuminated backlight, Software version 2.

But this manual is English from start to finish – all pages of it. One good point is that notes can be edited apart from duration, which you have to enter yourself from the MIDI keyboard. I took a picture of a scuff mark on the screen but it is not seen when the display is on. As you will see if you can bear to look at the suggested retail price at mwnual end of the article, the Akai ASQ 10 is certainly not cheap.

The ASQ 10 has a built-in 3. Same sequencer as the MPC Used for many years on hundreds of tracks, synched to my 8 track.


Overall in ok condition for its age. The return of Roger Linn, as a member of the Akai team, promises much to the world of musical technology. The only slight problem is that if you want to quantise, but keep the original in case it all goes wrong, then you have to copy the original onto another track yourself.

You don’t look like a twit doing it either. In fact, you’ll find yourself pressing this at all sorts of times to exit the function you’re in, or as a ‘panic button’ when you have lost your way. Starts from 99p no reserve. ALL is the file type, the eight letter filename is optional. I was unable to refit the LCD with the correct amount of pressure to the contact strip, which is why there are missing pixels.

By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained mqnual our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. The ASQ 10 is built for uncomplicated use, but covering just about every function you might need in a sequencer. Includes copy not orig of service manual.

The ASQ10 is a very reliable and powerful instrument. So there we have it. The ASQ 10 is always ready to receive external sync and does not need to be switched into ‘sync ready’ mode.

AKAI ASQ-10 sequencer with manual, MPC-60’s sequencer, ASQ10

This is a common problem and manhal new backlight can be purchased from Ebay for a reasonable price if necessary, installation is easy EDIT: Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. The backlight works fine and akau sequencer itself in great shape. I think it makes things simpler this way too. There are two different file types used, which computer users should feel at home with. A great machine, the swing you can get with it is amazing!

The ASQ 10 looks after the sustain footswitch in a different way.


Akai ASQ 10 Sequencer (SOS May 88)

The Kanual is fully functional. Still, even with this slight restriction, 99 tracks ought to be enough. If the code is incorrect, then the tempo will be incorrect also. Actually the display is fine! It’s a pity you can’t name your own, but since this is an unexpected plus anyway, I shouldn’t carp.

Features disk drive, 4 parallel midi out ports, 2 midi in ports, sync in and out. Something I found extremely useful was to have a simultaneous display of bar and beat, and also the elapsed time. This is in excellent condition with a new backlight display and switches. If you want to enter notes in step-time which are of unequal durations, then it would be best to write to Akai and ask for this to be implemented as a software update, because it can’t be done with the present version of the operating software.

This sequencer is in excellent shape and working great. I shot a little video with me playing with the contrast setting, so you can see for yourself: Another goodie is the ability to dedicate tracks to be drum tracks. Personally, I’d like to have aoai an option for this on the ASQ The time is indicated both for internal and external sync.

The flash photos give an accurate idea of the way the machine looks. Inside is very clean indeed. No discs are included.

In very good condition, all tact switches in good working order. It comes with a copied OS disc.