Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Repair Manuals & Literature for Acura TSX. Find the perfect Christmas gift. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Acura TSX. Acura TSX Service Repair Manual. Free Download and View Online PDF. This Manual Offers you Explicit Service and repair data for your Acura.

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Position the two tabs A of the turn signal cancelling sleeve B as shown. Pull the O-ring off into the piston groove, then pull the piston seal ring off into the piston groove on top of the O-ring. If resistance is less than one ohm, go to next step. Test-drive the vehicle on a level road: If resistance is Go to manhal 9.

Centering The Cable Reel 2. Check the feed and return lines between the pump and the gearbox for clogging and deformation.

Buckle and unbuckle left front seat belt buckle several times. Item Location see all. PGM-FI main relay 2 is energized to supply power to the fuel pump for 2 seconds when the ignition switch is turned ON IIand when the engine is cranking or running. When battery is disconnected, certain memory circuits will lose data.

Acura TSX 2003-2008 Service Repair Manual

Disconnect inflator simulator from left floor harness. If connections are okay, go to next step. Route the wire harness of the new actuator through the hole in the bracket and gasket. Acua air bag deploys, wait 30 minutes to allow air bag to cool before removing and disposing of complete air bag module.


Access zcura disconnect left side curtain air bag module connector from side curtain air bag subharness. Coat the special tool tx power steering fluid, then slide it onto the rack, big end first. Do not keep the pressure control valve closed more than 5 seconds or the pump could be damaged by over-heating. All books and case are in good used condition.

If any bearing is noisy or has excessive play, replace the steering column as an assembly. DO NOT disconnect simulator lead from floor harness accura. Connect Yellow alligator clips of deployment tool to uninsulated wire ends. Identifying Rack Guide Screw 4. Position the angle of center guide as shown if necessary. Install the front suspension subframe left mid mount A.

Place tool at least 30 feet 10 m away from air bag. If warning light illuminates, system is okay at this time. Disconnect right seat belt pretensioner connector from SRS right floor harness. With the engine idling and the vehicle NOTE: Retighten the rack guide screw to 3.

Service & Repair Manuals for Acura TSX for sale | eBay

You’ll find chapters detailing upgrades to the intake, exhaust, cylinder head, camshafts, and tuning, plus turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous oxide. If resistance manuall more than one ohm, replace floor wire harness. Always use Honda Power Steering Fluid.

New replacement cable reels are pre-centered. Fsx is in like-new condition. Pull seat belt webbing out all the way and cut it off. Defogger Switch Test Table Canada 4. To set readiness codes from incomplete to complete, do the procedure for the appropriate code. Insert the ignition key, and check for proper operation of the steering wheel lock and that the ignition key turns freely.


Install the cam ring A with the. What sets this book apart is that it also shows you how these aftermarket parts perform on the dyno without any BS or marketing hype. Isuzu Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Draining The Reservoir 2. Tighten SRS unit mounting screws to specification. All books Ships next day, and sometimes depending on the time or the day it will be same day, but never later then one day. Using any other type of power steering fluid or automatic transmission fluid can cause NOTE: Measure resistance between each pair of SRS inflator simulator connector terminals. Turn the front wheels to ts straight ahead position.

Acura TSX Workshop Manual PDF

Disconnect negative battery cable. Tightening The Rack Guide Screw 5. Remove appropriate front seat and seat back cover. Remove the steering gearbox through the wheelwell opening on the driver’s side. Disconnect inflator simulator from right seat belt pretensioner connector.

The amount of air is regulated by engine coolant temperature.