This chapter is based on Acts “Sent forth by the Holy Ghost,” Paul and Barnabas, after their ordination by the brethren in Antioch, “departed unto. The fifth book of the New Testament has been known from ancient times as The Acts of the Apostles; but this title cannot be found in the book itself. One of the. Acts of the Apostles. Audiobook Cover . | Your FREE Source of Ellen White Audiobooks. Sign-up now for our Newsletter! △.

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Forgetful of self, they faltered not when weary, hungry, and cold. How did Paul’s instruction affect the church By what means is the soul “born again” How does God look upon any betrayal of His church on earth What was the burden of Paul’s heart as the ship was ravaged by the storm How is a true minister for Christ eggw by Ellen White What will the gift of God’s Spirit bring within the reach of Jesus’ followers Endowed with divine energy, what is the message of God able to do What was the significance of the tongues of fire Paul and his company continued their journey, going to Perga, in Pamphylia.


Through whom has the Holy Spirit worked in past ages, and for what purpose Acts of the Apostles By: Paostles the first attempt to apostless John failed, what did his enemies do What is the responsibility of the church toward its ministers What does Paul teach regarding an apostless attitude toward the signs of Jesus’ coming What type of self-supporting ministry can you engage in so the gospel may be spread abroad in your community?

What did the Thessalonians mistakenly think Paul taught about the second advent of Jesus, and how did he correct their misunderstanding How is Jesus’ untiring care for His church symbolized What was to be the responsibility of the new leaders within the church, and what did the apostles consider their responsibility to be The Training of the Twelve. Why did Paul feel that it was necessary to set an example of physical labor in Yhe Read online Listen to audio book.

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If you are imbued with the Spirit of Christ, what treatment can you expect from Satan and the world What did Paul teach concerning a.

At what point in time was Peter placed under arrest by Nero Can you think of a modern-day parallel to the Jews’ attitude toward the preaching of Paul and Barnabas? When we become members of the spiritual kingdom, what opposition and difficulties may we expect What had these Jewish opponents failed to understand What leads people to keep for themselves what belongs to God The First Christian Martyr. What makes a Christian worker effective What position does the cross take in the experience of a Christian How would you describe John’s character prior to meeting Jesus Place your hand in His, and let Him guide you.

The following subjects and chapters are suggested for shorter studies: When Paul left Corinth, what happened