Topping even his highly praised The Blessing Way and Skinwalkers, Hillerman’s new novel seamlessly unites drama, pathos and naturally humorous incidents. New York Times Bestseller. From New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman comes the eighth novel featuring Leaphorn and Chee as they find. A Thief of Time [Tony Hillerman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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If you are new to Hillerman give him a try. Love Tony Hillerman, sad he has passed away. Elliot’s body will be found after the animals have gotten to it. The landscape is alive, the motives dark, and the protagonists real.

Leaphorn visits Maxie and Randall Elliot to gain more information about Eleanor. Since then, nothing had interested him. The ensuing novel is a wonderful crossing over of crimes, of lives intertwined, of coincidences which turn out to be significant later on, and nicely observed human foibles.

Leaphorn and Chee will be hundreds of miles apart when they reach the same conclusion in this quite complex and multi-layered mystery.

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Young Indian man Thomas tkny a nerd in his reservation, wearing oversize glasses and telling everyone stories no-one wants to hear. All that is clear is that a Navajo would not be involved; because according to Navajo tradition, stealing pots would make one a Thief of Time. John polychrome lead to an undiscovered Anasazi site? It’s going to be good. Was something she discovered tije killing for?

Tony Hillerman moves me with his ability to write authentic characters that I can connect with and to transport me to a cultural landscape that expands my experience. I admired it here, though–it was a structure that provided very plausible background on the intuitive leaps.

Hillerman is surely one of the finest and most original craftsmen at work in the genre today. Joe Leaphorn is grief-stricken; he is on his final leave before quitting the Navajo Tribal Police. Review quote “All of Tony Hillerman’s Navajo tribal police novels have been brilliant, but “A Thief of time is flat-out marvelous. Talking God ‘. Within minutes, the helicopter brings Chee. Sep 20, Patrick Gibson rated it really liked it Shelves: I knew what was going to happen, and yet I got thhief wrapped up every page.


The Navajo culture seems to come alive and you see the fine line they live between their and our cultures.

He hadn’t realized it. This book was copy-righted intherefore qualifying it as a “retro” book. Tousey is quite comfortable in her character and it would be a pleasure to see more interaction between Emma and Leaphorn as they probe the clues in the case.

Another good book by Tony Hillerman. Coyote Waits Tony Hillerman. This adds depth to the story, and also helps drive the plot along with both characters working on the same problem. While not a surprise ending, the question of which character was the culprit had me guessing until the end. Joe Leaphorn Sheila Tousey If Adam Beach and Wes Studi had the same sort of screen presence you probably would not notice the missing bits as much.

The introspection of the primary characters and some of the minor characters as well actually complements the plot and makes the action more believable. The book takes place on a Navajo reservation and is one of a series with a Navajo detective called Leaphorn.

Upon his return, Utah State Police relay this to him and Leaphorn explains the search for the missing anthropologist. Navajo Tribal Policemen, Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn are working these cases separately, but as Chee finds out more about the missing trailer and Leaphorn explores the anthropologist’s very specialized work and history, they see that the crimes are intertwined.

Joe Leaphorn, young Officer Jim Chee–again share the sleuthing, more or less by accident, in another richly somber blend of mystery, socio-theology, psychology, and this time anthropology. These questions seem to link a missing anthropologist, a damaged archeological site and a series of unsolved murders Eventually the questions bring Lt.


Eleanor Friedman-Bernal is an anthropologist interested in ceramics, who thinks she is close to a major new finding, identifying an individual pot maker by the art on the pots. I really enjoyed this book. Jun 23, Shira rated it really liked it. May 26, Kathy Nouri rated it really liked it.

Through Tnoy I’ve learned so much about the culture of the southwestern tribes, and there is genuinely much to be admired.

‘A Thief of Time’ by Tony Hillerman

Hillerman genuinely surprised me this time. So far one of my favorite Navajo mysteries.

Where this shines is in the procedures, which is not something I’d ever thought I’d say, because I’ve disliked anything “procedural” in the past. Start your free trial. A couple of Anasazi pottery thieves, a missing backhoe and other over-lapping mysteries make this a worthwhile read.

Time has passed, as Chee is married to Bernadette Manualito introduced in later novels in the series, e.

A Thief of Time (Leaphorn & Chee, #8) by Tony Hillerman

Why did Ellie trade a saddle for a kayak just before she disappeared? Retrieved 16 April He’s taken a bit of interest in lawyer Janet Pete. If Hillerman needed to give detail about the geology of a canyon to make a scene work, he did, and he did it so well that that reader experiences the setting as Leaphorn moves through it. Instead we get snippets; dysfunction in the bedroom or a bit of tea and advice for Chee.

The Four Corners Hilelrman is just mystical and these mysteries portray that and so much more. Share this Rating Title: Withoutabox Hillemran to Film Festivals.